Jun. 06, 2023
12:35 PM MSK
Jun. 06, 2023
7:35 PM AEST
Jun. 06, 2023
9:35 PM NZST
Jun. 06, 2023
2:35 AM PDT
Jun. 06, 2023
4:35 AM CDT
New York
Jun. 06, 2023
5:35 AM EDT
Jun. 06, 2023
10:35 AM BST
Sat, June 10th, 2023 from 8:00AM to 9:45AM PDT

Having Fun Doing World Completion

Event Description:

Gma Fog feels the need for a World Completion. She will be leading Map Clears in her normal “Slow Paced” Adventure mode, leaving no one behind. There will be help for jumping up to Vistas, finding Points of Interest (POI), and Waypoints, Skill Points, Hearts, and crafting supplies will be farmed. I'm sure there will be all sorts of loot to collect with bad guys and monsters to kill. So, dress up in your finest armor, and bring your Sickle, Axe, and Mining Pick. Be prepared to laugh a lot as Gaiscioch invades. Flying or falling off cliffs is allowed.

This is a beginner, no-pressure, fun-only romp for all of us to just let our hair down and be crazy. We stay together and no running ahead because Gma's motto is NO CHARACTER WILL BE LEFT BEHIND!

Meet Mist Delanding at Krongar Waypoint in Timberline Falls. We will be in Gaiscioch Discord. Look for me on the Purple Room channel. Note: At our pace, a World Completion will take between 8 months to a year, but you will have fun while doing it! 

This week please be at least a level 50.

We started our next world completion - See the order and what we have done on the list below:

Lion's Arch - done

Divinity's Reach - done
Queensdale - done
Kessex Hills - done
Gendarran Fields - done
Harathi Hinterlands - done
Bloodtide Coast - done

The Grove - done
Rata Sum - done
Caledon Forest - done
Metrica Province - done
Brisban Wildlands - done
Sparkfly Fen - done
Mount Maelstrom - done

Black Citadel - done
Plains of Ashford - done
Diessa Plateau - done
Fields of Ruin - done
Blazeridge Steppes - done
Iron Marches - done
Fireheart Rise - done

Hoelbrak - done
Wayfarer Foothills - done
Snowden Drifts - done
Lornars Pass - done
Dredgehaunt Cliffs - done
Timberline Falls
Frostgorge Sound

Straits of Devastation
Malchor’s Leap
Cursed Shore

























































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Event Details:

  • Organizer: GmaFoghladha.1853
  • Event Type: Community Event
  • Date: Sat, June 10th, 2023
  • Time: 8:00 AM to 9:45 AM PDT
  • Recurs Every: 7 Days
  • Sync: iCal | XML

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