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Serenity Edge [TRE]

Guild Details:

Founded: 2004 Guild Size: 50 (25 Registered)
Leadership Representative: Elrithium.4015 Voice Communication: Teamspeak
Active Hours: 12-3AM, 9-12AM Server (PST) Homepage:
Playstyles:  WvW    PvE  
 Casual    Crafting  
About   Roster   Recruitment      

Our humble story began back in the first GuildWars BWEs (E34E). As friends, gathered together with a common goal: to enjoy the game together. Our friends grew and a guild was necessary to strengthen the bonds of friendship and forge new ones with other guilds, especially during the Factions era. TRE members were active and well versed in all aspects of the first GuildWars - PvE, PvP, GvG, Alliance battles as well as HvH & HoH battles. Our members were very creative in building new teams for competitive gaming, not to mention our very own fun-filled guild only events! But most importantly we provided support and training for new friends we met during our journey.

We are a GMT +8 guild that focuses on PvE with a little bit of wvw!

Fully upgraded Guild
– Guild bank tabs where we share items with one another
– Magic Find and Gathering Bonus buffs are always up (with waypoint reduction cost activated on weekends)

Other Weekly Scheduled events
- Guild missions weekly at 5.15am (server time)
- WvW nights on Tuesday and Thursday nights 4.30am (server time)
- Karka queen raids 2-3x daily
- Meta/JP nites on Fridays & Saturdays, 4am (server time)


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