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About The Sanctum of Rall

Sanctum of Rall Official Trailer

The Sanctum of Rall server is home to many of the largest and most well known public community event based guilds in Guild Wars 2. The server community is devoted to building a fun and friendly environment for all walks of life and playstyle preferences.

Even before its launch the server was born by friendship and unity. Through the course of our time here on Sanctum of Rall we hope to give a platform for creating friendships, memories, and a community like no other.

Sanctum of Rall has been through several seasons, each one bringing new faces and ushering old friends to newfound shores. We've had our competitive streak and rose to the top where we sat in the top position for 8 weeks.

While the journey to first place wore a lot of people thin we began to see that the more competitive we became the more stress and frustration filled our server. By the end of the first wvw season our empire would fall, and with it came our first exodus. A valuable lesson came with this that we should never allow scores to get between our brothers in arms. Our server shed it's truly competitive shell and began to form a tighter bond among its people.

The second season trapped our community in a tier it could not compete with and by the time it ended, the remaining few who held onto the days of old were pushed from our shores.

Today we are reminded of where we began. We did not begin on top. We were not the best there was. We didn't come to Sanctum of Rall because it was the most competitive atmosphere . We came here to honor a man who put his best foot forward and genuinely cared about the people he led. Where unity and friendship trumped victory. Where the real victory was in the adventures you shared with newfound friends. Sanctum of Rall isn't about winning and losing, it's about celebrating the little victories life brings us and sharing those moments with the ones we hold dear.

Sanctum of Rall is a living testament to the kindness in all of us that shines bright in the darkest time. It's about standing for something when nobody else will. While our days at the top may have passed, our days of kinship and brotherhood illuminate the path of our future.

If you're looking for a competitive server you may be disappointed here but if you're looking for a family to share epic battles, memorable adventures, a good laugh and a low stress environment look no further. We may not have the coverage to be a major contender on the battlefield but every time the Sanctum of Rall family rides into battle we leave our mark on our foes and the minds of our comrades. There is no greater victory than winning the battle you should have lost. Those are the battles we fight every day. Every day a new opportunity for an epic memory to share with those we hold closest.

Others Have A Name, We Have A Legend!


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