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On the Battlefield with Sanctum of Rall

Sanctum of Rall WvW

Since launch, Sanctum of Rall has been on a roller coaster of population surges and departures. We have been in first place and last place. As players flooded to our server to ride the wave up, the core encouraged and supported the new arrivals. As they began to depart our server we wished them well on their adventures.

Today the core of Sanctum of Rall is alive and well. Sanctum of Rall is best known for it's hospitality. We hold inclusive events open to all, giveaway epic loot just for calling Sanctum of Rall home, and give commanders recognition for their war efforts. Players here are more committed to one another and the purpose of our server than most servers. For us it's not about winning and losing, it's about kinship and honoring a fallen brother.

What you can expect on Sanctum of Rall is a lot of heart, and a lot of friendly faces. We fight as hard as we can, when we can and at the end of the day regardless of what the scoreboard says people walk away happy and satisfied. We understand we are outnumbered and do not have the coverage to amass a competitive front.

But just as we climbed from rank 17 at launch to rank 1 a year later, the tides can change in a moments notice. It only takes a few people to see the potential and enjoy the lifestyle to change the tide and send us back up the rankings once again. For now we work on making every person count and maximize our performance for the few we have.

Whether we're tier one or tier none, Sanctum of Rall is relentless in it's pursuit to create epic memories and lasting friendships. Join a community that loves, appreciates, and rewards you for your efforts. Become the star of the show rather than an extra in a crowd. On Sanctum of Rall every single player makes a difference and is appreciated for their efforts. Become part of the legend, and forge a story of your own.

Who Should Join?

  • Players looking to make a difference
  • Small Scale Warfare Specialists
  • Ambitious Commanders Looking to Be Appreciated
  • Livestream & YouTube Creators - Plug your streams into your event for front page exposure.
  • Casual Players looking for fun times in WvW without the stress
  • Guilds who want to work with others to create positive results
  • Players & Guilds looking for a change of scenery
  • Performance Players - Lots of targets of opportunity

Sanctum of Rall is NOT the server for everyone, it is the HOME for many.

This site is a Gaiscioch Production with the support of the Sanctum of Rall server community. Site Produced by Benjamin "Foghladha" Foley [Foghladha.2506].
This site was built to commemorate and honor the life of Roger "Oldroar" Rall. It is open to the community but under constant moderation. Any use of this site which is deemed unbecoming of an honorable community member is strictly prohibited. No trolling, no trash talking, no bashing, no swearing. Please keep this site open, friendly and welcoming to all members of the Sanctum of Rall server community.

The contents of this site are Copyright © 2012-2024 by: Benjamin Foley. All Rights Reserved