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Sanctum of Rall Hall of Heroes

A community is only as strong as those who brave to lead it and those who devote themselves to it. Sanctum of Rall is a very special community with a legacy to carry. We have endured all and still persevered even through total darkness. The Warlords and Warriors listed below have given their all to the community.

Weekly WvW Warlords (Commander) Leaderboard

Top 10 PPT

# Commander Commander Score

Based on Commander Score

Top 10 Dedicated

# Commander Time on Deck

Based on Time on Deck

Top 10 Leadership

# Commander Commendations

Based on Commander Commendations

Weekly WvW Warriors Leaderboard

Top 10 PPT

# Participant Commander Score

Based on Participation Score

Top 10 Dedicated

# Participant Time on Deck

Based on Time in WvW

Top 10 Participants

# Participant Commendations

Based on Events Joined

Weekly WvW Guilds Leaderboard

Top 10 Guilds

Rank Guild Capture Score
1. Gaiscioch Na Rall [GSCH] 6,035 1,695 568 29 10
2. Fellowship Of Wizards [FoW] 394 - - - 6
3. Primordus Virtus [RISE] 47 23 5 - 2

This site is a Gaiscioch Production with the support of the Sanctum of Rall server community. Site Produced by Benjamin "Foghladha" Foley [Foghladha.2506].
This site was built to commemorate and honor the life of Roger "Oldroar" Rall. It is open to the community but under constant moderation. Any use of this site which is deemed unbecoming of an honorable community member is strictly prohibited. No trolling, no trash talking, no bashing, no swearing. Please keep this site open, friendly and welcoming to all members of the Sanctum of Rall server community.

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