Guild Wars 2 Mesmer WvW Guide/build
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Guild Wars 2 Mesmer WvW Guide/build


George Welch.4019
   Member of Gaiscioch na Rall

Posted On: 11/01/2012 at 12:22 PM

Guild Wars 2 Mesmer Guide

A guide to playing a mesmer in World vs World in Guild Wars 2.


Writtin By Super Hero George.

Special thanks to Solarady(Osiris) for providing alot of information.



Table of contents


Part 1: What gear should you use - 

Going over what gear mesmers should aim to use when playing in World vs World, and why you should try to use this gear. 


Part 2: What Healing, Utility, and Elite skills should you use - 

Going over what skills mesmers should aim to use whn playing World vs World, and why you should try to use these skills.


Part 3: Tatical portal placements on the World vs World Map -

Going over Tactical portal placements for mesmers in towers, keeps, and in the open field.


Part 4: Traits a mesmer should use -

Going over Traits a mesmer can use for World vs World.


Part 5: Fighting with a mesmer in WvW -

Going over how to fight with a mesmer in world vs world.





Part 1: What gear should you use


Berserker Gear


A Great offensive damage set that is great for hitting hard. With the ability to creat clone decoys and stealth a mesmer can afford to be slightly squishy.

Rampager Gear


Great for power, precision, and condition damage. This is a great medium if you want to do both damage and condition damage.

Carrion Gear


Great for survival stats with condition damage. This is great if you want to have a good amount of condition damage while having the survivalbility to take quite a beating.



Scepter/Focus - The large amount utility, damage, and a pull puts this weapon set as an all around great weapon set.

Greatsword - While alot of mesmers go with staff as an offhand weapon set, a Greatsword can be a surprisingly strong weapon set in the hands of a mesmer. With it's large amount of damage, berserker illusion, and push back it makes a great partner to the Scepter/Focus weapon set.




Part 2: What Healing, Utility, and Elite skills should you use - 

Healing Abilities 


 Ether Feast -  Alot of mesmers will agree that in the long run this healing ability is the best for your mesmer in World vs World. Getting three clones is by no means a hard thing for a mesmer to do. 


 Mirror - A decent heal that is really effective in certain situations but over all is beaten by Ether Feast. Mirror is great to use if trying to sneak past a zerg and into a tower.


Utility skills


 Decoy - A great utility skill. Create a decoy clone and stealth for a few seconds. this skill is a great tool in almost any situation.


 Feedback - An amazing utility skill in World vs World Especially if traited for.  It provides a devasting damage if you opponent does not leave it, and if traited for glamour fields, it stills put confusion on the enemy both when you put it on them and when they leave. 


 Portal - An absolute need for world vs world. This utility skill in the hands of a trained mesmer can have absolutely devasting effects. Also if traited portals can apply confusion since it is a glamour field. 

Viel - In the hands of trained mesmer this utility skills can have quite devasting effects. Ranging from applying confusion if traited, to hiding an entire zerg momentarily or even for a long if cordinated with other mesmers. For example you can zerg rush a tower with an invisible zerg from garrison to crag/orge/cliffetop. If you cordinate with a team of mesmers.


 Null Field - A overall great utility skill. Great for applying confusion if traited and for taking off boons on enemies.


Elite Skills


 Mass Invisibility - Want to know whats more dangerous than an enemy zerg? An enemy zerg suddenly appearing in the middle of your group when your attempting to siege a capture point. Yes Mass Invisibility can be a devasting elite ability if your trying to move a zerg. And if partnered with portal skills this skill can provide devasting zerg ambushes that can easily wipe an enemy zerg out. 


 Time Warp - A powerful elite skill to have in your arsernal if you know that your zerg is going to go head to head with another zerg and for siege rams and golems. Quickness is can help turn the tide of a battle very quickly. 




Part 3: Tatical portal placements on the World vs World Map -




Memser portals can be used to ambush enemy groups and zergs. Simply put the enter portal down at your zerg(WARNING portals always get placed under your character) and then as a mesmer solo or with a friend or two(no more than three total) go behind or inside the enemy group or zerg and put down the exit portal. This places your zerg in an unknowing group of enemies. 

Not only does this give your zerg an extreme placement advantage, but also usually causes pandemondium inside the enemy zerg. Nothing can help make a person panic more than them suddenly being surrounded by an enemy zerg.


Quick tower caps


In every tower and keep there is at least one spot that a mesmer can usually hide in. If successfully hide in a tower after a enemy captures it and leaves. you can easily teleport your friendly group or zerg into the tower with a portal, thus skipping the long siege time. Making it so you can capture a tower in potentially 20-30 seconds rather than 5-10 minutes. Thats why if your ever leading a zerg, be sure to make a habit of asking your mesmers to check the hiding spots.




Part 4: Traits a mesmer should use


Now as a quick message to all. There are alot of ways that you can trait your mesmer. So I'm only going to put in the trait Spec that is used in this guide.




20 Points into Domination for Mental Torment,  and Confusing Enchantments to have traited glamour fields for confusion.



25 Points in Dueling for Deceptive Decoy, Create a clone when your dodge, and so illusions cause  confusion when killed.



10 Points in Chaos for the fall trait.



15 Points in Illusions for Compunding Power and  Shattering Illusions cause confusion.




Part 5: Fighting with a mesmer in WvW


One vs One


If you can suprise your enemy, start off with your Focus 5(Warden) and then hit them with your Scepter 3(Confusion beam) + Feedback combo. Then switch to Greatsword to finish the fight. Be sure to use your Shatter abilities with F1 and f2 as much as possible.

Zerg vs Zerg 


Aoe with warden and feedback as much as possible. Using Greatsword sword throw and mindstab as much as possible. Using time warp for mass quickness, and nulfield for glamour field and anti boons and confusion can also cause massive havoc on the enemy zerg. Be sure to use your Focus 4(Temporal Curtain/Into the Void) pull to displace your enemies by pulling them into your zerg or off a bridge/cliff.


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