Guild Wars 2 Update: Game Update Notes - July 26, 2016
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Guild Wars 2 Update: Game Update Notes - July 26, 2016


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Posted On: 07/25/2016 at 02:34 PM

News from: Guild Wars 2 Update

Last Post: Jul 26, 2016 10:54


The hint text for the Fallen Masks: Silver container in the Luminate's Backplate collection now appropriately indicates that silver is required on the adventure.
Player responses in the dialog boxes associated with runestone rubbings are now properly ordered.
Added an option to show a target's health percentage in its health bar.
Recipes unlocked through consumables are now unlocked account-wide. Logging in with a character will add their known recipes to the account.
Added a search bar to the Material Storage tab in the Account Vault.
Players can now right-click on utility skills while out of combat to open the Utility Skills selection UI, in addition to clicking on the Change Skills arrow button.
Added new right-click options on salvage kits to quickly salvage all items of the following qualities:

Rare quality
Masterwork and lower quality
Fine and lower quality

Champion giants will now be stunned and vulnerable when their defiance bars are depleted.
Added commands for emote animations that were previously only available to nonplayer characters:

Cross Arms:

English: /crossarms
Spanish: /brazoscruzados
German: /armeverschränken /armekreuzen
French: /brascroisés


English: /sad
Spanish: /triste
German: /traurig
French: /triste


English: /talk
Spanish: /hablar
German: /reden /sprechen
French: /parler


English: /thanks /thank /ty
Spanish: /gracias
German: /danke /thx
French: /merci


English: /upset /facepalm
Spanish: /enfadado /enfadada
German: /ärgerlich /verärgert
French: /fâché

Fixed a bug in which holding down the left mouse button to activate weapon skill 1 would sometimes result in the skill acti...

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