Guild Wars 2 Update: Game Update Notes - November 21, 2016
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Guild Wars 2 Update: Game Update Notes - November 21, 2016


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Posted On: 11/21/2016 at 10:25 AM

News from: Guild Wars 2 Update

Last Post: Nov 21, 2016 18:25

11/21/2016 – November 21 Release Notes
Living World
Taimi made a major breakthrough in Rata Novus when she discovered that magic can be broken into spectrums, which led her to speculate that the remaining dragons are absorbing each other's power. She sent the commander to the Fire Islands to collect a recent destroyer sample in hopes of testing her theory. The expedition was a success, but the group was compelled to leave when a vision from Glint's egg called them back to Tarir…just in time to see Aurene hatch! The celebration was short-lived, however. A mursaat named Lazarus crashed the party, claiming his rebirth had changed him and that he now wanted to side with the new guild and stand against the dragons. The commander declined the alliance, but Marjory was intrigued and left with Lazarus. Now, with Jormag also on the rise, the commander has to brave the bitter cold to see how the new theory of magic absorption affects the merciless ice dragon. Bundle up!
New Legendary Shield: Shooshadoo
A new legendary weapon is now available. Speak to Grandmaster Craftsman Hobbs in Lion's Arch to learn how to craft the new shield precursor Friendship, and forge the new legendary shield Shooshadoo.
New Fractal—Nightmare

A new fractal is accessible through the Mistlock Observatory. You may now delve into the Nightmare.
A new Nightmare fractal achievement category has been added under the Fractals of the Mists achievement panel.
New rewards are available from BLING-9009 in the Mistlock Observatory.
Enterprising adventurers have attracted the attention of the Harbinger.

Aquatic Ruins

Instead of depending on scale, the path will be random with an equal chance for the dolphin or dark path*.*

Molten Furnace

The fire tornadoes in the boss chamber have had their hit boxes improved. It is now easier to dodge them.


The pulsing-orb lightning a...

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