Guild Wars 2 Update: Game Update Notes - December 13, 2016
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Guild Wars 2 Update: Game Update Notes - December 13, 2016


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Posted On: 12/13/2016 at 08:55 AM

News from: Guild Wars 2 Update

Last Post: Dec 13, 2016 16:55

12/13/2016 – December 13 Release Notes
Wintersday 2016
Come join us in celebrating Wintersday! Complete daily achievements to earn fanciful new holiday weapons; save Wintersday by giving wrapped gifts to the orphans spread around Divinity's Reach; test your skills against other players in Snowball Mayhem; experience the joy of jumping in Winter Wonderland; defend against waves of toys in Toypocalypse; or help keep Tixx's airship, the Infinirarium, in order! You will also see Wintersday events appearing all around Tyria.

The Wintersday meta-achievement is earned by completing daily Wintersday achievements and can be repeated to collect more gifts.
Achievements for the Winter's Presence collection have returned with saved progress from Wintersday 2015.
Parts of Divinity's Reach and the Heart of the Mists have been decorated.
Earn personalized Wintersday gifts by completing achievements, or buy them from the guild trader.
Tradeable Wintersday gifts now have a chance to drop all over Tyria.

World Polish

Fixed a bug that caused Wintersday ornaments to continue dropping from some chests after players had already completed the “For the Children!” achievement.
Fixed a bug that could cause present boxes in the Winter Wonderland activity to prematurely explode.
Fixed a bug that could cause snowflake platforms to not melt in Winter Wonderland.
Fixed a bug that could cause players to keep their normal skill bar during Winter Wonderland.
Fixed a bug that allowed guardians to benefit from Virtue of Courage's aegis boon during Winter Wonderland.
Fixed a bug that could cause players to be unable to start playing a part in the Wintersday Bell Choir if a player leaves the activity while playing that part.
Fixed a bug that caused some skritt to not progress the “Wintersday Skritt Hit” achievement when pestered with snowballs.
Increased the amount that players are h...

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