Trays, Feasts & Pots
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Trays, Feasts & Pots


Pyr O Desolation.5017

Posted On: 05/22/2015 at 08:19 PM


  I have ability on my chef to make :

 Tray of Saffron Bread

 Tray of Omnomberry Bars

 Tray of Omnomberry Creams

 Tray of Truffle Steak Dinner

 Pot of Lemongrass Poultry Soup

 Each will require 10 of the food item. My IGN is Keyboard Chemistry feel free to pm me if you need any of these made, i will try to get more level 80 recipes as far as Trays, Feasts, & Pots.

 Additionally, for those who are interested in all stat food (Celestial) with Magic Find on it, i can make Dragon's Revelry Starcake. It's a tad expensive to make, but each crafting of it makes 2 cakes.

 Note : All materials will come from you, unless i can spare the karma - given the type of food made.

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