May. 29, 2020
2:57 AM MSK
May. 29, 2020
9:57 AM AEST
May. 29, 2020
11:57 AM NZST
May. 28, 2020
4:57 PM PDT
May. 28, 2020
6:57 PM CDT
New York
May. 28, 2020
7:57 PM EDT
May. 29, 2020
12:57 AM BST
Fri, January 3rd, 2020 from 1:00PM to 3:00PM PST

Hero Challenge Run

Event Description:

This week Path of Fire


Those of you who have joined me in this event before, THE PATH HAS CHANGED!



We will meet at Amnoon Waypoint -  [&BLsKAAA=]


Our goal is to complete the Hero Challenges on the five original Path of Fire maps.


Required:  Skimmer.  Without a skimmer we won't be able to keep you alive.  It would be even better if you have the Skimmer Mastery Ride the Wind.


Very Helpful:  Springer with High Vault.  Jackal with Shifting Sands.


Our goal is to get all the hero points on all five maps within the two hour window.  If we run short of time, we will decide whether to continue or finish at the next event.




We will meet at Shipwreck Peak Waypoint - [&BN4HAAA=]


Our goal is to complete all the Heart of Thorns maps except Dragonstand.


Required: Gliding with updrafts.  (Some areas require Itzel Poison Lore to survive, however it's not required for this event.)


Very Helpful:  Advanced Gliding, Bouncing Mushrooms, 


Mounts may be used, but are not required.


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Event Details:

  • Organizer: daoteci.6924
  • Event Type: Community Event
  • Date: Fri, January 3rd, 2020
  • Time: 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM PST
  • Recurs Every: 7 Days
  • Sync: iCal | XML

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