WvW Bunker Staff Elementalist
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WvW Bunker Staff Elementalist



Posted On: 02/26/2014 at 03:55 PM

WvW Bunker Staff Elementalist


This is the build I run with in WvW. I’m enjoying it A LOT because as you perhaps already saw, it’s pretty high on the defense and thus I can survive quite long and have less troubles with conditions. Being the only man standing in a fight is not a rarity. Of course, if you find high damage important, then this build is definitely not for you. Disadvantage is your low damage, the advantage however is that I can easily swap out my ptv trinkets and staff and replace them with my zerker trinkets.

Armor + Runes

PTV (soldier) armor and PTV trinkets give me all that armor and HP. I use Melandru runes, together with Lemongrass Poultry and Geomancer’s Freedom trait I’m practically immune to chill, immobilize and cripple. Of course, some enemies run with + condition food, and immunity won’t count towards them. But it does to most.


Earth Traits:
My first trait skill in earth is Earth’s Embrace. Triggers after I go below the 50% HP threshold which can save your life. It activates Armor of Earth cantrip skill which gives stability and protection boons. The other trait skill I have and the reason I spend 20 points in earth is Geomancer’s Freedom. It helps me gain immunity to a few immobilization conditions which helps me keep my speed and mobility up.

Water Traits:
Water traits is focused on my condition cleanse and spend 30 points in this tree. The combination of Soothing Disruption and Cleansing Water enables condition cleanse on my cantrips (Armor of Earth and Lightning Flash, Healing Rain (big water) and when I attune to water. The 3rd trait skill is Cantrip Mastery which reduces the cooldown. Obviously helps a lot so it can be used sooner in long fights.

Arcane Traits:
Blasting Staff is a must have for any staff elementalist in my opinion. A bigger AoE range means your water fields are bigger and easier to blast in, your static has more chance to catch people into it, your damage AoE’s will be less easy to dodge away from and it will have further range over tower/keep walls to reach those AC’s.
For my other skill I use elemental Attunement. Always used it and I can’t really imagine not using it anymore.


Heal skill

For healing skill I use Arcane Brilliance. Using it on a water field heals me up for a great amount (almost up to 50%). At the same time it’s a blast finisher and does damage up to 5 people, so simply perfect for zerg play.



Lightning Flash is both a life saver and a great aggressive tool for offense. Great when you need to catch up on enemy zerg to place down a well placed static. At some places you can skip routes and jump up a ramp with this skill. Great way to get behind enemy lines at certain spots.

Armor of Earth is our only stability skill where we can cast our other spells during its duration. Especially important to me at the start of clashes.

Arcane Shield is a survival skill which I prefer over Mist Form. Even though it only shields you from 3 hits, the great thing about Arcane Shield is that you can keep on casting spells with your staff while Arcane Shield is active. And Arcane Shield has the “Break Stun” ability which you don’t have with Mist Form. After getting hit 3 times, it explodes which is nice if you’re surrounded by enemies.

My elite skill is Tornado. It’s an amazing useful skill in choke points. Using it gives you stability for the entire duration (18 seconds) which makes it ideal at ledges. At the same time it launches people away from you and it gives you an increase on certain stats like power and vitality. You can use it after casting meteor shower to make it hit harder. My most favourite tornado skill is #2 Dust Tornado. It gives 5 seconds blind up to 5 people when casting it. #3 skill Debris Tornado knocks people back.

-Retsu 2/8/2014

I am not Retsu, I am posting topics from our other website that is closing down.

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