WvW Frontline Elementalist Build - Tanky Support
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WvW Frontline Elementalist Build - Tanky Support


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Posted On: 05/07/2015 at 06:47 AM











Sigil of Renewal - Heal Nearby Allies on Weapon Swap (360 Radius)
*Must Have Sigil of Renewal

Pick any of the Sigils below for your second sigil.

Sigil of Mischief - Launch up to 4 blinding snowball?at foes in front of you when you swap to this weapon in combat.
(Cooldown: 9 seconds)

Sigil of Momentum - Gain + 5 Toughness per stack




1. Swap to a Staff when you are going to siege.

2. Use Dagger/Dagger when you are going to fight the enemies.

3. When preparing to roam, use Staff and cast Eruption (Earth) and Static Field (Air) for Area Swiftness, cast Windborne Speed for more Swiftness then switch back to Dagger/Dagger. 

4. When preparing to engage on the enemies, stack might by casting Eruption (Earth) and Lava Font (Fire), switch to Air Attunement to cast Windborne Speed then equip Dagger/Dagger. 

To engage properly, when called on to hit enemy backline you will want to initiate with Ride the Lighting -> Tornado 

From there you can do this standard list of combos

Updraft -> Fire Attunement (Might Stack) -> Burning Speed -> Ring of Fire -> Water Attunement (Regeneration) -> Frozen Burst (Might Stack) -> Earth Attunement (Protection) -> Dodge Roll (Might Stack) -> Earthquake (Might Stack) -> Churning Earth (Might Stack) -> Lightning Flash into enemies in the last second of the channel. 











How Does this Build Provide Healing?

1. When changing Attunements, you heal nearby allies for about 800 Health (9s CD)
2. When changing to Water Attunement, you heal nearby allies for 2,456 Health (10s CD) + 1 Condition Remove
3. When changing to Water Attunement, you grant Regeneration to nearby allies healing 1,646 Health over 6 seconds.
4. When Attuned to Water, Soothing Mist provides health regeneration to nearby Allies, 1,377 over 10 seconds.
5. Use skill Cleansing Water to heal nearby allies for 2,456 Health + 1 Condition Remove
6. Dodging casts?Cleansing Water healing nearby allies for 2,456 Health + 1 Condition Remove


How Does this Build Survive in the Frontline?

Aside from all the AoE healing you provide listed above, you also provide huge self healing and defensive capabilities. It's a lot to go over so I'll break it up into sections.


1. For your healing skill you would want to use Ether Renewal, this heals for 800 health per pulse, 8 pulse in total. Each pulse also removes 1 condition. As conditions become more of a threat in World vs World, especially immobilize, this skill will help keep your Elementalist clean.

At the end of the channel, you will grant yourself an Aegis boon, blocking the next attack dealt on you. Once blocked, you will also heal for 4,610 health (because of your Runes) and grant a 1 second Regeneration onto yourself. Over all, you healed for over 11,000 and removed conditions.

Ether Renewal is on a 15 second cool down which is quite amazing.

2. Using Arcane Shield now heals you when attacked. Arcane Shield blocks 3 incoming attacks and because of your rune each block will grant you 1 second of Regeneration and the first block healing you for 4,610 Health.



1. Applying an Aura will grant Protection
2. Gain Regeneration when critically hit and also removes a condition.
3. Using Lightning Flash or Earth Armor will grant you Health Regeneration and Vigor (more dodging). Also either skill will remove 1 condition.
4. Earth Armor grants stability, stun break, and protection.
5. Lightning Flash can be used while your CC'd by the enemy, capable of moving away from danger.
6. Arcane Shield stun breaks and blocks 3 incoming attacks.
7. Tornado grants bonus 10,000 health, stability, blinds and knock downs enemies nearby.
8. Burning Speed Evades Attacks.


Usage & Recommendations 

I do not recommend all Elementalist to use this build, in fact its best to have one Frontline Elementalist for every 4 Heavy Armor Frontliners. Ideally, they should be partied with frontliners so they get priority heals.  

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Commander jdjitsu.7895
   Member of Ecto Nightmare

Replied On: 05/07/2015 at 08:33 AM

First of all, that build looks awesome. Think ill stay close to you when yhe kitten hits the fan. 

I've been wanting to try Mischief Sigil with the chill on blind trait on my necro for a while but I keep forgetting. The snowkitten can crit so its an added bonus to ppl with on crit procs in their build. If all the snowkitten land, does it stack duration? I already use a Hydromancy on one of my sets on my power necro, I think I'll try it out today before work. 

Also, those defender runes are awesome for professions with lots of blocks, especially duration ones like Engi gear shield ect. And the heal is quite substantial, especially on your build.  Nice work

*Xeero Cool-Mez,Admiral Wiggin-Engi,Arya Sinfelle-Teef,Dirtyfilthyrotten-Necro,Ender Tha Xenocide-Rev


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Replied On: 05/07/2015 at 09:13 AM

Thanks, glad you like it!


*snowball* my bad, was half asleep while I wrote this.

Blind is only 2 second duration, with a 600 range each snowball will hit one different target. 


Rune of the Defender is an underestimated rune most of the time. Like you said its really great if you have an appropriate build for it. Because of it, Arcane Shield does so much

Typically, Arcane Shield would just block attacks and stun break. With the runes it now acts as...

1. A quick heal of 4,610 health
2. Provides Regeneration

Such an idea had me wanting Final Shielding which creates an Arcane Shield when the character gets below 25% health, once again getting that life saving quick heal, etc.. etc...

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Replied On: 05/07/2015 at 01:13 PM

Nice out of the box build.

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Replied On: 05/09/2015 at 08:23 PM


1. Added Images
2. Added Skill usage and Tips



1. In a couple days from now I'll have a full ascended armor set with the appropriate stats.
2. Still working on making the guide look pretty.
3. Video will come soon after acquiring the ascended armor.

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