Guild Wars 2 Pistol Elixir build " GW2 Grandmaster"
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Guild Wars 2 Pistol Elixir build " GW2 Grandmaster"


George Welch.4019
   Member of Gaiscioch na Rall

Posted On: 11/01/2012 at 12:21 PM

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Engineer: Pistols and Elixirs for Conditions and Boons

This Guild Wars 2 Engineer build is simple, straight forward, and most importantly fun to use. In Guild Wars 2 this will be a nice PvP and WvW build. Focusing on condition damage is definitely the way to go to compete in PvP for Engineers and dual pistols stack conditions very quickly. Unfortunately, the Engineer does not have a weapon swap ability so your main weapons are what you will always have equipped. But with this build you will do just fine with the pistols! We also focus on using elixirs for boons and its a wonderful thing with the amount of boons you get for a single skill.

Weapon Choice

We will be using dual pistols for both the decent damage output as well as for the stackable conditions. Explosive shot provides a Bleed, Poison Dart Volley gives our foe a Poison, and Blowtorch will Burn our target. We gain an extra condition ability in our trait lines Explosives and Firearms. By going into these lines we automatically get Sharpshooter which gives a 30% to cause Bleeding for 3 seconds on critical hits and we will choose Incendiary Powder which is 33% chance to burn on crits. By having a nice critical chance rate we will be dangerous from a distance with all of these stackable conditions.


For your healing skill pick up Elixir H which will not only heal you but also randomly grant you a boon of either Protection, Regeneration, or Swiftness. I find this heal greater than the other choices for the fact you get boon along with the quicker big heal rather than one over time. Also your other choice would remove your weapons with healing skills which in a tough fight might prove your demise.


For the utilities we will hone our skills with 3 elixirs providing us some essential boons. First we are going to pick up Elixir B which will grant you the boons Fury, Might, and Swiftness. This is especially helpful in that the boon Fury increases critical chance by 20% and as stated earlier we apply an extra Bleed and Burn when we critically hit. Next pick up Elixir C which will turn all conditions into boons.  The other Elixir will be Elixir U giving us a random utility buff from another profession and increase our critical damage.


The Supply Crate is a helpful and handy elite trait providing  a supply drop of turrets and bandages. The other elite options do not reflect this play style.


As mentioned earlier, put 10 points in Explosives for Incendiary Powder which is 30% chance to burn on crits. 20 points will then go into Firearms. Be sure to pick up Hair Trigger to reduce the cool downs on our pistols recharging them 20% faster. Also grab the ability Napalm to increase our Burn durations by 20%. Next I suggest 10 points in Inventions. You can spend these points elsewhere if you wish but I like it for extra survivability. The Cloaking Device is useful in that you become invisible when you are immobilized additionally you add +10 Toughness and Healing. Lastly, spend your points in the Alchemyline. This line really helps with our Elixir utilities. Fast-Acting Elixirs reduces their cool downs by 20% while Potent Elixirs increases their durations by 20%. Finally choose Automated Response to again help with survivability becoming immune to conditions when your health is below 25%. Again if you want to give up survivability for extra damage I suggest the Blood Injection which converts 10% of your Vitality intocondition damage or H.G.H. which gives you Might when consuming an Elixir.

Play Style

This Engineer build is strictly a ranged rapid fire play style. Keeping your distance is of utmost importance so always be ready to dodge to create distance between you and your foe. Don’t forget to use your Glue shot to slow your opponent in addition to your Static Shot. Stacking your conditions is the main focus which you will see happens very quickly with all of the conditions we are equipped with and how fast our pistols will shoot. When you get up close use the blowtorch for some burning conditions. Make sure you always keep your boons up. You do this by using your utilities often and use Elixir C to turn conditions on you into boons when appropriate. There are even more more elixirs with boons that you can use but these are not consumed, they are thown.  You can find these elixirs on the basic mechanic bar above your weapon skills, the f1-f4 keys.

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