Engi Meta pvp build
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Engi Meta pvp build



Posted On: 12/17/2012 at 05:53 AM


Build 1: Burns


Note: Major trait 1 in Explosives is VI or Exploit Weakness. Major trait 1 Fireamrs is III or Infused Precision. Major trait 1 in Alchemy is I or Invigorating Speed and major trait 2 is VI or Projection Injection. Build Calculator is not totally updated.

Superior Earth and Purity weapon sigils. Use Melandru or Undead for runes. Rabid Amulet and Rabid jewel.

Pistol/Pistol. Use your 3 to apply "junk" conditions. Generate junk conditions to force your enemy's condition removal and pad their debuffs, allowing you to burn more effectively.

Keep your poison and burns up on the target at all times. Be aware of who you're fighting and their ability to remove conditions when reapplying. Lots of self-explanatory CC - interrupt heals, CC when targets are low, etc. Great kiting build with permanent swiftness via Slick Shoes.

Dodging is a core component of this build (and most builds in GW2). You need to learn enemy animations and know when to counter them.

One trick is to use the flamethrower's 5 ability and pull into the slick shoes ground aoe.

To heal, drop healing turret, pick it up and drop it again immediately. This reduces the cooldown and prevents it from spamming the crappy passive. Overcharge it to remove two conditions.

Kingdeath 80 Mesmer
Sobeknofru 80 Guardian
Justice Hole 80 Thief


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