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Meta pvp build 2



Posted On: 12/17/2012 at 06:07 AM

Every class can fill every role in the game, so really the discussion about roles comes down to what your class brings to the role that someone else can't already do better. Why should your Engi be used over something else.

Point Control: We can be as tanky as the next guy and since we start out with decent health/armor we are quite versatile. What an Engi can do that a lot of people can't is consistently take a point away from someone without actually needing to kill them. Short cooldown knock backs plus lots of nets gets this done. Elixir R is also amazing in this role as always.

Roamer: Noone can match Thief in this role and we can't even match Ele or Warrior in it, but there are some things that are unique if you want to roam. First of all our Roaming is not weapon dependent so it effects our overall build less, allowing us to fill different sub-roles as we roam. Also, Elixir R is a game changer and being able to enter a fight that is in progress with it is huge. Finally, turrets can be left behind to assist in a fight even if you are roaming on to the next one. Dropping a Supply Crate and running to the next control point can often be enough to help win both fights.

Support: Unfortunately at high level pvp this role really falls flat right now. Even if your team wants to try and make it work a Guardian or Ele will far outstrip what you can bring to the table.

Control: This is where we shine. At high level pvp, Immobilizes are king and we are the king of immobilizes. You can essentially take any rifle build, throw in a Net Turret and you are now a CC nightmare for the other team. Supply Crate is the other gold standard in Engi CC and it's both powerful and versatile in it's role. Honorable mentions that are great to play around with if you are looking to bulk up on even more CC are Bomb Kits, Slick Shoes and PBR.

Damage: Our condition build was nerfed pretty heavily prior to release, some people are testing out DPS Elixir Gun builds but until that gets fleshed out or beefed up you are pretty much stuck with non-condition damage. When it comes to non-condition damage we are almost exclusively a burst class. 3, 4, and 5 on the Rifle combined with Static Discharge and some toolbelt damage line up for some great burst on a relatively short cooldown. Outside of that your auto-attack is fine damage but won't keep up any amazing pressure and you often want to look to secondary roles in a team fight between bursts.

Current tournament build

This is a full burst build and it's about as glass cannon as I'm personally willing to get. Run it  as a team fighter and CC the main target repeatedly until they are out of dodges and/or condi-removal. It's not very mobile so you want to be careful about being left out to dry at a far point but as long as you plan ahead and your team plays to your strengths it works out.

A typical engagement will involve leading with the nets as you come into range. There is a bit of a mind game that goes on here but even if you miss don't worry you have a ton of them to follow it up with. Once you land a net, or preferably just before you land it if you know you will, load up Analyze and burst them with Jump Shot and Blunderbuss. Follow it up with an Overcharged Shot if you know you wont need the knockback in the next 12 seconds. Use of Utility Goggles is match-up dependent, if you are worried about multiple early stuns, hold it back. If not, lead with it.

Tips & Tricks
Your nets are all projectiles so be careful about firing them off at random. It's a good idea to play with them as much as you can as they are very fickle and take some getting used to.

Overcharged Shot knocks you back as well but you can use a stun break to negate this downside. Sometimes if I'm running into a fight and I need to lead with the knock back I'll Overcharged Shot straight into a Utility Goggles.

The bulk of Jump Shots damage comes on the landing but you are still losing out a lot of damage if you only hit them once. To maximize damage and Vuln stacks initiate this skill right on top of the target, preferably while they are netted. You can also use this skill creatively to move around the map. It's not as versatile as Thieves short bow but in a few places you can get pretty tricky.

Healing Turret creates a Water Field when you first place it down. It also acts as a Blast Finisher when you explode it. Putting both of these things together you can create an extra shot of aoe healing at the cost of 5 seconds worth of cooldown. You can also pair the Water Field with Jump Shot or your auto-attack. The toolbelt ability for the turret creates the same Water Field.

Elixir R's stun break recharges your endurance to full so try and make sure you play liberally with your dodges if you know you'll be targeted early. In a pinch you can also use it to dodge 4 straight times in a row.

In this build Elixir R's toolbelt skill is mainly used as a rez(including self-rez) however don't forget that it also strips you of all conditions so it is sometimes better to burn it even if you aren't about to die.

Kingdeath 80 Mesmer
Sobeknofru 80 Guardian
Justice Hole 80 Thief


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