Condition pvp build
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Condition pvp build



Posted On: 12/17/2012 at 06:09 AM

It's much much harder to play than my Rifle build and I'm not even sure that what you are gaining is worth the trade off but it is strong. The amount of CC and Displacement in the build borders on the ludicrous.


  • You blanket the crap out of your damaging conditions to the point where it would be laughable for anyone to expect even 2 or 3 single condi-removal abilities to have any effect against you.
  • The bulk of the damage is AoE so it's impressive in clusterfuck team fights or cramped spaces.
  • 3 Blinds, 4 KBs, 2 Stuns/Daze, 4 Immobs, 1 Chill and 1 Cripple. The majority of these being on 30 second or shorter cooldowns and AoE. So you have CC.
  • Tons and tons of blast finishers so you combo really well with an Ele or just with your own Healing Turret if you have good timing. Do be careful though, some of your blast finishers are also knock backs and often times you don't want to actually knock an enemy out of the combo field they are in.


  • Really the absolute biggest one is the headache to play it.
  • No Stun break. I tried some version with stun breaks but they fell short on the pressure. YMMV
  • Missing some of the trickier Engie stuff that defines the class.
  • Did I mention using Grenades and Bombs as primary damage dealers was a pain in the ass?

How to:
Grenades and Bombs kick the ever loving shit out of the Heavy Golem. It's not even a remotely fair fight. Then some jerk player starts actually moving and it becomes a pain in the ass to kill them. So the basic concept here is turn that player into a Heavy Golem.

You'll never really sit in either of your kits, simply immobilize or knock them down and unload a full cycle and then swap back out. Land another CC and repeat.

You're going to be at your strongest in team fights since you just accidentally will put the target at 20+ stacks of Vuln and are largely AoE based. You can still 1v1 just fine though as long as you are good enough to be landing the majority of your CC. Incidentally you are also freakishly good at anti-Point Tanking. Even if you can't kill the tank 1v1, you can knock him off and net him all day long.


Kingdeath 80 Mesmer
Sobeknofru 80 Guardian
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