How Deep Have You Gone?
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How Deep Have You Gone?


Commander Foghladha.2506
   Site Admin of Gaiscioch na Rall

Posted On: 12/08/2012 at 02:45 PM

Has anyone seen the level 15+ Fractals yet? I'm planning on getting through some of these and want to know where it gets really challenging. I love a challenge and the typical "Raid Progression" bores me with the same old thing every time. How challenging do these fractals get? How dynamic are they?

Benjamin Foghladha
Community Manager,
Founder and Activities Director, The Gaiscioch Family [GSCH]


Member Response:



Replied On: 12/09/2012 at 12:15 AM

I am currently on level 17, every 10 level count as a tier in the sense of 0-9, 10-19 and so on ( this also affects tier daily chest count)

I want to say it starts getting harder at 10 (dungeon crawler perspective) since agony kicks in for some extra damage input, but so far what makes them hard is still the team, always harder to coordinate in a pug

It's dynamic in the sense that the dungeon changes a bit starting from 10+ , for instance in 0-9 you might just have to turn on a fan to blow some poison cloud away, but at 10+ you need to charge the batteries on other 2 corners of the room before you can use the fan. Will things change again in 20+ ? I have yet to find out. But just within the fractals themselves, there is a randomness to which mini path you may get to choose within certain fractals.

I want to see how high I can advance with a pug, but the damage i am taking now is pretty high already so I suspect bunch of reliance on "tricks" and "exploits" down the road as I have already observed on my way


Commander Izzy.7624
   Site Admin of Gaiscioch na Rall

Replied On: 12/09/2012 at 01:14 AM

I've never set foot in there. Actually only seen the first three dungeons on story mode even though I have two 80's.


   Member of Reawakened

Replied On: 12/10/2012 at 01:16 PM

I've done most of the dungeons at least once, but my highest achievement is only level 2 lol. I'll be in FotM a lot more though, because I want to get the ascended quiver back piece for my ranger.

I have seen some people LFG for FotM 30 though.

Lieutenant of Reawakened [RE]

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