Help with new gaming laptop
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Help with new gaming laptop



Posted On: 12/27/2014 at 04:41 PM

I was hoping some of the good SORC folks know more about new laptops than I do.  I need a new gaming laptop that can work for work as well as I travel a good amount.

My GW on my ASUS laptop (about 5 yrs old) has been clunky. The straw that is breaking its back though is that Dragon Age Inquisition says the graphics card isn't compatible so it won't play. I can't have that- so must have a new laptop!

I like my 17" screen but am ok stepping down to 15 in order to save some weight. I need it to do some work but want games to go well so looking for a solid hard drive to help improve loading times into zones. I prefer Windows 7 unless the new updates to 8 make it tolerable- my wife had it and hated 8 so i'd prefer to stick with 7. Any thoughts on brands and where to get them. Hoping to spend between $1000-$1500.
Thanks for any thoughts or direction! I am happy to do a custom build too.



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Commander jdjitsu.7895
   Member of Ecto Nightmare

Replied On: 12/28/2014 at 10:46 AM

I've kinda been out of the loop for the new gen laptops, but Asus has a great gaming line called republic of gaming series. From what I've heard and read gw2 is a processor intensive game as apposed to gfx card reliant. So I'd make a guess that the newer i7 Intel processors run excellent. At the moment I use a laptop lower than gw2's minimum specs,lol.   Gl with the hunt..

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Commander Fildydarie.1496
   Member of Fluffy Bunny Brigade

Replied On: 12/28/2014 at 03:32 PM

If you're looking for something travel-friendly, the Surface is quite capable.  I have a 512GB Surface Pro 2 (The Pro 2 series has been replaced by Pro 3, which is slightly beefier and has a few QoL niceties).  The capacity is only relevant since the higher end models have twice the RAM.  It isn't flawless, settings certainly aren't maxed, but GW2 plays just fine (disclaimer: I haven't actively done WvW or large-scale content on it).  I don't know about Dragon Age, so that would take more research.

For the portability aspect, though, it is hard to beat; a couple pounds and slightly larger than a DVD case travels much more nicely than my 17" laptop.  It is pricier than a laptop for the performance, though, and for a 256GB i7 Pro 3, you're looking at ~$1700 with the type cover.

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