[FA] - Legends Never [DIE] - Ghost Night (Thursday 06/30/16)
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[FA] - Legends Never [DIE] - Ghost Night (Thursday 06/30/16)


Commander Haematic.4913

Posted On: 06/29/2016 at 06:42 AM

Hi all!


Feel free to join us this upcoming Thursday in EBG for our fun night.


We'll all be rolling Ghost Tonics!

[DIE] will help distribute Ghost tonics @ the beginning of our raid.


Here's some key information about the night:


  • If you die, you lose, and you have to re-apply your tonic.
  • Cannabis and Liquor are welcome.
  • You can't place siege.
  • If you play Necro, Ele, or Engineer you have to re-apply your tonic if you cancel form.
  • Once you set your traits & skills you can't change them until you lose the tonic, or until you die.


Streamers are welcome.


Hope to see you all out there!




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