PinkDay in LA, 25th October
Sep. 18, 2021
12:49 PM MSK
Sep. 18, 2021
7:49 PM AEST
Sep. 18, 2021
9:49 PM NZST
Sep. 18, 2021
2:49 AM PDT
Sep. 18, 2021
4:49 AM CDT
New York
Sep. 18, 2021
5:49 AM EDT
Sep. 18, 2021
10:49 AM BST

PinkDay in LA, 25th October



Posted On: 09/29/2014 at 03:35 PM

Is a yearly community organized fundraising event for breast cancer, this year the event will be on the 25th of October.

I have been a volunteer for this event for many years now, and seeing it's due in a matter of weeks, i wanted to let you guys know that it's coming. But besides that, i would also like to give guilds or individuals the heads up that they too can become volunteers. Besides people we can always do with in-game stuff to give away on this event, maybe you, or your guild or even 'us as a server' would want to contribute to this event in this manner.

Seeing many of you might not visit the official forums, and in general the event section of this forum, here the link to whom to contact for more information, and/or where to read up on information about this event.

Besides that, I do hope that you will all come. As far as I'm concerned, you haven't played GuildWars if you haven't been to PinkDay in LA.

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