Chapter 60, 61, 62!!! Triple Hit COMBO!!!
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Chapter 60, 61, 62!!! Triple Hit COMBO!!!


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Posted On: 09/21/2015 at 10:35 AM

Hi guys, gals, fellow quaggans and soon to be nearer mordrem creatures :D

So this weekend was hard!!! I stopped translating comics so i could edit some vids!!!

We had some great guild runs with VIG and the newbies and comebacks iwth freetoplay thingy

And some class changing fun also on September so far, using ranger and necro :P ive noticed im so rusty on guardian QQ thats for spammin warrior i guess


Anyways with this triple combo we have some:

Borderland Defense, Roaming and Chase!!

A Ranger intromision 

And some huge zerg fights with Tiff (Part 2 is coming this week dont worry)


Im really sorry for our Germans rallians, youtube blocked the vid on ya country, it seems Blind Guardian and Henri Macini is not legal to reproduce over there thru youtube, weird :P


---Please Watch in HD 720p---

Yes click on thy name o videoo :D


CHAPTER 60: Defense Roaming (Wrong World)


Chapter 61: Ranger IntroMission


Chapter 62: In the Batlefield (Part 1)


Cya in the battlefields :D

-Greenstone "Big Green Guy" / Richard Ryder "The Crimson Nutcase" / Viridis Caedo " Green Death" / Walla Quilcai Tuta "Necro Inka"

"Wars Come And Go, But My Soldiers Stay Eternal"

"In Hood We Trust"


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