WvW/ GvG Builds & Tips for all Thieves
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WvW/ GvG Builds & Tips for all Thieves



Posted On: 07/16/2013 at 01:20 PM

Hey guys, Rabbitz here from [IRON]. I wanted to talk about the build, skills, and armor I'm currently using in GvG/ WvW and why I use them.

GvG Build:


This build comes directly from the main [Red Gaurd] Thief Daniellita that is on their GvG team. Having Executioner and Quick Recovery is the bread and buter of any daggerstorm/blast focused build. In GvG's that all you'll be doing as a thief.

Couple of things explained
Why do I use Sword/ Dagger & Shortbow and Fire/Battle Sigil?
- I use sword/dagger because of the boon steal & evade 3 attack and CnD for invis stomps. I use those sigils because I want as much damage output when we call for that burst bomb on enemies in fights. I use fire sigil on sword and shortbow because it actually makes me do some damage with trickshot even when I dont have initiative and it isnt dependent on kills. Lastly I use Battle Sigil because when we call for bomb I'll swap to S/D, use [2] Infiltrators stike which immobilizes the enemy and I have 3 more stacks of might before I hit my daggerstorm. You can additionally daggerstorm inside a shadow refuge but for GvG's I like to save my shadow refuge as a defensive ability when I really need a heal or need to heal my allies.

Signet Use? kitten! I've never seen that in a thief build?
-Heres why you want to use it with Signet of Malice. Reduces your skill recharge on it down to 12 seconds. In addition here's a little trick. If you need to reset because your health is low quickly use Shadow Refuge and activate Signet of Malice while you're in the refuge. By the time your stealth wears off your signet of Malice passive ability will be recharged :) and you can get back in the fight.

15 points into Deadly Arts?
- Easy, weakness/ longer poison. In addition I I prefer using Radiation Field which puts down a poison/weakness field for 15 seconds! If you dont like radiation field you can subskittenute it for SIgnet of Agility (I like this one a lot), Signet of Shadow (if you need that extra speed/ mobility), or Roll for Initiative (if your getting pressured a lot).

-Simple. +100 power + 70 precision. I've come to the conclusion that if you cant stay alive in a GvG fight as a thief you either kittened up, or you're just bad. So I stick with offensive food. You can also use Omnomberry Ghost that steal life on crit +70 precision.

Also if you're getting pressured a lot in fights and haven't gotten use to Signet of Malice I would use Withdraw instead.

Here are some screenshots of the conversation I had with Daniellita and why he/she uses this build and skills with some GvG advice as well:



Sorry for calling out my fellow thief guildie, but I feel Shadowstep is by far hands down the best utility in the game. Stunbreaker You need it. The whole WvW/ GvG meta of the game is to CC the enemies and focus your dmg on those that are CCed.
The use of Ice sigil is something I forgot to add, I'll be testing this out in open field to see how it works.


WvW build


Why full PTV?
-Because it's WvW. You need to stay alive against 20+ v 50 zerg fights. Main reason zerg fights are lost is because scrubcakes in squishy gear rally the opposing enemies. This is why you always hear commanders like Indo screaming "DONT FakING RALLY THAT" in teamspeak which means if you're health is getting low run the kitten away don't go down"

Why Sword/Pistol?
- I dont invis stomp in WvW therefore I dont need CnD anymore. With the way the S/P works its perfect for bursting down groups of enemies when you push. Infiltrators Strike into a group of enemies and imediatly hit [3] ability which stuns them then rains kitten load of damage on their asses. If you see any enemies downed put down a smoke field on theirkitten[5] ability and have someone else stomp them. If you see someone about to heal hit [4] boom heal interrupted! Use S/P for pushes and once you kill enemies switch back to Shortbow and just spam your cluster bombs on the melee train. I also switch to Signet of Malice for pushes for when I daggerstorm.

Why Shadows signet, agility signet and withdraw?
-WvW is all about mobility. You always want to be moving and having escape tactics. Withdraw is a heal and evade/remove cripple, perfect for getting away and creating distance. Shadow's signet for permanent swiftness and agility signet for the increased precision and condition removal. With necros being so kittening OP now you gotta be able to remove conditions by yourself most of the time. I'll switch out Quick Recovery for Pain Response in my traits if were going against condition heavy zergs like the ones BT runs.

But but but.... I'm not doing any damage!?
-I sympathize with you. If you're good and can stay alive , replace the pvt jewelery with full zerkers/valkyrie ascended. I do it alot just try not to die that's my main message.


Build: 0/30/30/10/0 or 25/30/0/0/15

Use Hidden Killer trait in critical strikes. the rest is your preference.
current D/D meta is 0/30/30/10/0 using shadow refuge, shadowstep, and shadows signet. Make sure to use Hide in Shadows for your heal.

Weapons,Armor, Jewelry: 
-Valkyrie Armor with ruby orbs
-Valkyrie Daggers with Sigil of force and air
-PVT Bow with sigil of restoration or Sigil of fire (your preference)
-FULL ascended berserker/valkyrie jewelry

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Member Response:


   Member of Heroes Avidly Ravishing Damsels

Replied On: 07/19/2013 at 09:04 AM

Thanks for sharing, dood.

I really enjoyed the read, and it made me rethink a few things I am doing.
I started using signet of malice recently, combined with storm, that works well.
I also switched to fire on my bow, after I have my stacks. Seems to be working well.

I'm at work, and can't see your traits. I will look more at that later.

I never played as sword pistol, I might have to give it a whirl. I played pistol dagger for a long time, as a condition build thief. I haven't found a weapon set I love yet as a power build.

15 in deadly arts, with poison duration increase/ weakness, seems like a natural choice.

I swapped some knights accessories in with pvt gear. I am using rune of wurm, with food and oil I am aprox 45% crit chance. I am not sure if that is the right choice, but I am still playing with my new set up.

Thanks again for the post dood.

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