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Power Of The Elements [POTE]

Guild Details:

Founded: 2005 Guild Size: 5 (3 Registered)
Leadership Representative: Thracecius.8296 Voice Communication: RaidCall
Active Hours: 12-3AM, 9-12PM, 12-3PM, 3-6PM, 6-9PM, 9-12AM Server (PST) Homepage:
Playstyles:  sPvP    WvW    PvE  
 Casual    Crafting    Roleplay  
Social Media:
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Power Of The Elements is a guild for people who enjoy everything that Guild Wars 2 has to offer. We value mutual respect, friendship, teamwork and most of all, having fun. Our core members have been playing the original Guild Wars for many years and have played through most, if not all, of the three campaigns and the expansion, as well as other MMORPGs.

We are recruiting players to replace those who have drifted away over the years.

In Power Of The Elements you will find members who enjoy just about all aspects of the game. Some will prefer to play only PvE, PvP or WvW, but most of us will be keen to give every mode of play a slice of our time. Our membership play styles run the gamut, from casual players to hardcore title hunters, explores and crafters, and while there will be some racing to the level cap, there will never be a requirement to “keep up”. For most of us it’s the journey, not the destination, that is important. Explorers are welcome!

A few things about us:

Our goal is to create a friendly, fun atmosphere for our members, which means foul language and poor behavior will not be tolerated.

We are a North American-based guild and currently almost all of our members are all from the USA, but we are happy to accept players from anywhere in the world. It's a passion for the game that drives us, not our nationality. Playing times vary, but most activity will be during the evening hours of the Pacific, Central, and Eastern time zones.

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