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Terror Prophets [DERP]

Guild Details:

Founded: 2014 Guild Size: 0 (1 Registered)
Leadership Representative: danno.5269 Voice Communication: None
Active Hours: Server (PST)
Playstyles:  WvW  
Social Media:
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The guild was just founded in hopes of creating a WvW guild that will specialize in causing chaos across all maps. We will run plenty of havok groups on all borderlands cutting off supply to tower and keeps and just causing problems for the other team.

Currently the guild is small consisting of just me since it was just founded today :D But i am hoping to find a small loyal group to join me on my crusade to cause chaos and havok. The guild is NOT 100% rep. You are more than welcome to rep other guilds occasionally especially fi you are wanting a PvE guild. I do ask that you rep as much as possible while in WvW. 

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