Greetings! A Guild Possibly Looking to Transfer
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Greetings! A Guild Possibly Looking to Transfer


Commander Lanthun.7251

Posted On: 08/01/2015 at 12:46 PM

Hi there!

I go by the name Lanthun, or Joseph.9853/Lanthun.7251, in the GW2 Community. I have been an active player for this game since May 2014, bought the game in Nov. 2013. I love to do all types content in the game, so I do consider myself a PvX player.

I lead a guild by the name of Wizened Wizards [WISE], in which some of you may have/have not heard of before. We are a casual-setted PvX guild currently located on FA (however I am personally looking to change that) that would like to have a well established group of players that can game when they can. If we were to move servers, this would make switch number #3. I, first, came from SoR in the makings of the WISE guild, and ended up moving/branching off the group that moved last year around Halloween to go to Northern Shiverpeaks.

Because of my guild branching off from those guilds, we did not feel at home whatsoever, so we decided to give ourselves the hopeful-final move going to Fort Aspenwood. FA has been very great to us, and that is not what is making us move. What is making us move off the server is the recent remodeling of the servers, and how they are now set-up to being WvW-specific, causing FA to be full still (for those that have watch the server list). While it was full even before this change, I do not feel any future members that join my guild is going to be able to switch to our server as effectively if WvW is an area they'd really like to dabble in with a guild (as well as it's our lowest sector in the guild, so we should really make the move to create more space for those major leagues).

SoR was one of my candidate servers to move back to, simply because 1) this server was one I was apart of, 2) our numbers that we have now would be better versus the numbers here in T2, and 3) the feeling of family.

While I cannot guarantee we will be moving directly to THIS server, it is a server I do have in mind (of the minimal list available), as I am still looking at others. If anyone has any good/bad word for this server, I really would like to hear that in this thread, as it really all will go back into the debate with myself, and my higher-up team for the WISE guild. If all is a go, I'll be talking with admins soon on getting us setted up. If not, I'll vanish into the mists. =P

Thanks for reading!


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Commander synosius.9876
   Member of Seriously Over Rated

Replied On: 08/01/2015 at 03:17 PM

Ive been on a few servers myself and the singular and unique quality that sor has is giving us that feeling of home.

We're not the greatest wvw server, theres no world famous gvg guilds here but a lot more ppl who personally care about the community than Ive seen anywhere.  SoR has a rep going way back, over the past year the server has changed completely.  If you knew sor during the t1 days, we are not that server anymore. 

Now that Anet is showing wvw populations at the server select screen you might have noticed GoM is high while all of bronze and half of silver is medium.  We've been going toe to toe with GoM despite the population disparity since s3 and even beating them sometimes.  SoR isnt carried by massive population, instead we rely on teamwork to hold our ground.

If you do choose to come to sor understand we have organized a bit differently, in that we are less guild based and instead server focused.  We recognize ppl by name first then guild second which is a thing that often confuses outsiders.

Theres plenty of fighting to go around, cya soon.


Commander Greyfeathers.8175
   Member of Perfectionists Cult

Replied On: 08/01/2015 at 04:52 PM

I would suggest that you and those who wish to move here to SOR consider this. As a server we have stuck together from our days of W vs W in tier one to where we are currently ranked seeing those we have called friends move off what they considered greener pastures on other servers. I would ask that any move you make be for reasons other then judging a server based on what it's rank in W vs W is. GW 2 offers so much more then W vs W and P vs P and you will find the majority of those players who have stayed here through the trials and exodus a great margin better then those who are looked upon by their rank. The guilds and players of SOR have a history of family and of helping one another. There isn't a family that doesn't have trouble at times but the players and guilds that make up SOR's core and have stayed the course have all come to realize the one small thing that makes this server special and that is the sense of community that has seen us through both good and bad times.

I will never understand the constant bouncing between servers that players and guilds do just to win or be able to feel special based on a rank that is fleeting and something which always changes. When those things fade and those greener pastures no longer look so green what is it that takes players back to familiar places ? The most important thing this game or any community can give you is a sense of belonging, friends that will carry over with you into future games, and memories that will remind you of fun times and those you can truly count on.

A person's true wealth can be judged by those he can call upon and call friends. Even if SOR isn't the server you transfer to, I would encourage you to look at that servers community and never judge any server by its rankings. I wish you well in searching for a permanent home in GW2 and if SOR happens to be that place, I don't think you will be disappointed.



Commander iTater.4209
   Member of Pink Quaggan Squad

Replied On: 08/02/2015 at 09:25 PM

We have some arguments, but we usually deal with them quickly. Not a bad group of people to be stuck with.

Professor Bannister, engineer


Commander Lanthun.7251

Replied On: 08/03/2015 at 04:55 AM

My guild is currently looking to expand its base within WvW. We may not be the most experienced when it comes to that sector, but the server that the guild decided to move too does not help the growth-factor (key thing) we are needing to actually expand the base more. I have been on SoR before, personally; the guild was made on the server, BUT did not start recruiting until a little after my arrival on NSP, so I never got to give SoR the best of chances with the guild (as it wasn't official even then).

What you guys are describing is how I saw it when I was here for the short time, and it's something I am looking for my guild to expand on. But the search is still going; we are checking out all possible options before we put down the pin on this server or that server, etc. and so forth. But you guys are high ontop of my list, so I will keep you guys updated!


Commander jdjitsu.7895
   Member of Ecto Nightmare

Replied On: 08/03/2015 at 11:28 AM

Hi Lanthum. I can tell you that if your guild does decide to transfer here, you'll be welcomed with open arms. My highly esteemed server mates above pretty much expressed what I would have, so other than that, GL with your move wherever you decide to go. IMO with the state of WvW as it is, a community based server like SoR is a smart choice if you're not super hardcore. Though even if you are, each server we've been facing lately have some good guilds always looking for 15s-20s. On that note though, if anyone needs a backline ringer(power Necro/staff Ele), I'm your huckleberry...

*Xeero Cool-Mez,Admiral Wiggin-Engi,Arya Sinfelle-Teef,Dirtyfilthyrotten-Necro,Ender Tha Xenocide-Rev


Commander Lanthun.7251

Replied On: 08/04/2015 at 03:25 PM

I appreciate all of your guys feedback; an officer and I has been talking of leaning towards this server in general, but we are going to be discussing this with the rest on Saturday; I will have an answer for sure by then!

I cannot remember for sure, but does this community have a community TS3? I cannot remember if it does or does not. I'd like to know of this as well for personal reasons.


   Member of Knights Of Nefarious Greatness

Replied On: 08/04/2015 at 04:36 PM

We do indeed - used quite a bit.

A man of many Valins, one for every class - [KONG]


Commander Lanthun.7251

Replied On: 08/06/2015 at 07:00 PM

Okay, so here's what we have talked about so far. Again, nothing official from the guild overall until Saturday.

Overall, the guild has came down with two possible outlooks on how we go about:

  1. We move servers to help benefit the WvW aspect of the guild, even if it is little by little.
  2. We remove WvW in general from the guild, also being detrimental to the state of us being no-longer PvX like intended.

Personally, I think decision one is going to be made because it is my vision to be able to create a casual atmosphere while playing in all aspects (hint hint, WvW). I would not be able to withstand my guild just narrowing down to PvE; I want to be able to do it all. With that being said, I am back on Sanctum of Rall as of this evening. Whatever the decision stands: if we move, we will be coming to SoR, hands down. If we don't, then it won't matter what server everyone is on. So I am taking the time to come back to SoR, and make the most of it, even if my guild decides to not follow. I want my guild to remain PvX; it has been since day one. Change is needed, but not that.

I will have the official guild answer on Saturday. Between my four officers and myself, we are (and always have) going to do this by majority vote. So anything is possible.

Thanks to all comments on the past couple of days, and I'll see you all in WvW soon!

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Commander Mistress Collisto.1546

Replied On: 08/07/2015 at 12:19 AM


I am one of the founders and for lack of other words co-leaders of [EVIL] on SoR.  While we have been around from the old T1 days, I can tell you a lot has changed.  When we were T1 it was like pulling teeth to get some of my guild members out to WvW, many thought it was just to toxic, many thought they could not learn how to play out there, and others yet just for some reason never wanted to explore that side of the game.  

During our fall from T1 I became much more active in the community, stepped out of my comfort zone a bit.  As our server continued to fall in Tiers, things at a guild level became much more enjoyable for WvW.  Now we are not under the constant pressure to win.  We enjoy winning don't get me wrong, however it is no longer the only goal.  As a leader of this guild, I was able to start to encourage members to finally try WvW.  Ever since we hit T8 and have been climbing back out I get approached daily from guild members, and even non guild members to see if [EVIL] will be showing up on the map.  You might be surprised how a calmer, lighter approach might just be enough to encourage your members to WvW again or more. 

We tend to look out for one another on this server.  Yes there will always be trolls, we will always have those much more into WvW then others, but you would be joining a larger group of friends/family.  You stated you are back on SoR... [EVIL] welcomes you and all those that may follow. 

Let me know if [EVIL] can help you or your guild get comfortable here.

Mistress Collisto|Molly Oakenheart|Lena Andersdotter|Heather Jones
Guild Leader of [JADE]


Commander Lanthun.7251

Replied On: 08/09/2015 at 01:53 PM

One of the officers did not attend the meeting, making the vote a 2v2 right now... So, while I work on getting in contact with this officer, we have been halted to a decision! I will update as soon as I know anything of a decision!


Commander Lanthun.7251

Replied On: 08/10/2015 at 08:15 AM

We have came to a decision, in regards to the entire situation.

With finally getting contact from the final officer, we had a 3v2 vote: giving the win that WISE will be moving whomever interested over to the Sanctum of Rall server. Beginning September 12, 2015, we will be an official guild representing the SoR community. This date exactly because this is when our Quarterly Guild Meeting will be held, and we want to make sure it's official by then, even though the vote stands official now. We are going to notify members (active ones) throughout the month until then to tell them of the news. We already have myself, one officer and a member move, so I have hopes if we are getting over that quick.

You will all see me getting stuff setup (i.e. TS3 Channel, Guild Page on this site, etc.) over the course of the next couple of weeks, and so I am very excited to make our guild a member of this community! I think SoR will be a paradise in WvW compared to what we are currently dealing with (5v40, no thank you).

Thanks again everyone for your input! I will see you all in WvW, and in-game, soon!


Commander elda.9146
   Member of League of Extraordinary Minions

Replied On: 08/10/2015 at 10:34 AM

This is great news. Welcome to you and everyone transferring! See you on the battlefield!


[LEM] League of Extraordinary Minions


   Member of Gaiscioch na Rall

Replied On: 08/10/2015 at 04:19 PM

Welcome [WISE]!

Ive always loved wizards!!! letkitten some videos together in wvw :D


-Greenstone "Big Green Guy" / Richard Ryder "The Crimson Nutcase" / Viridis Caedo " Green Death" / Walla Quilcai Tuta "Necro Inka"

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Commander limetwyst.7039
   Member of Blood of the Martyr

Replied On: 08/15/2015 at 06:08 AM

 Welcome back to SoR. I'm always happy to see prodigals return. Yay! =)

GW siggy photo GW siggy.png


Commander Lanthun.7251

Replied On: 08/15/2015 at 03:43 PM

I would be the only returning member to SoR; everyone else is fresh meat! =D

We are close to having at least 10 switched over and the switch hasn't been officially announced so I am liking this start! I am getting them most signed up on the forums here so they can take part!

WISE will be on the battlefield with you all soon enough. <3


Commander Sekkerhund.3790
   Member of Gaiscioch na Rall

Replied On: 08/15/2015 at 03:54 PM

"My guild is currently looking to expand its base within WvW. We may not be the most experienced when it comes to that sector, but the server that the guild decided to move too does not help the growth-factor (key thing) we are needing to actually expand the base more. I have been on SoR before, personally; the guild was made on the server, BUT did not start recruiting until a little after my arrival on NSP, so I never got to give SoR the best of chances with the guild (as it wasn't official even then)."

People are going to hate me for saying this, but those that know me, will know why I am bringing this up:  I'm not sure what is meant by this statement, but if taken literally, it concerns me. 


Well, SoR is not really a server that a guild can move to and find fresh new faces to join their guild.  Most of our WvW folk already belong to a guild, there's just not much "new blood" that comes out to WvW, especially new and unguilded folk.  We've had a few guilds transfer to SOR and try it, but it just didn't work out for them and they either dissolved or moved on.

Luckily, there is something that will work in your favor to accomplish this goal:  If you want to expand your ranks, you're going to have the best results recruiting from the megaserver (PvE and city maps).  Since transfers to SoR are cheap right now, its really your best bet. 

That would make moving to SoR a great choice and your best hope to expand your ranks, but if your intention is to just to recruit from the SoR WvW maps, then I don't believe that is going to work.

Recruiting from WvW maps isn't really the best choice for any server, regardless of Tier and pop.  Guilds will have best results if they recruit from the megaserver, because it reaches a much wider audience.  Especially for SoR, because we put great importance on quality of our server community.

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Commander cythrawl.6071
   Member of Kungfu Murderball Express

Replied On: 08/15/2015 at 05:13 PM

Welcome WISE!  I enjoyed chatting with you in EBG on reset.  Looking forward to getting to know the rest of you.

Best of luck!



Commander Lanthun.7251

Replied On: 08/15/2015 at 08:10 PM

My reply to Sekker:

This is definitely what I mean from what you said: "Luckily, there is something that will work in your favor to accomplish this goal:  If you want to expand your ranks, you're going to have the best results recruiting from the megaserver (PvE and city maps).  Since transfers to SoR are cheap right now, its really your best bet. " I am wanting to recruit new faces outside of this server, in hopes to make this guild prioritized to this server, no intention in recruiting in WvW whatsoever, actually.

That's what our plan is, then go from there. We push the transfer to those who join and want to do WvW with us, but we don't to those who'd rather not step foot into WvW either. Hope that clears everything.


   Member of Wizened Wizards

Replied On: 08/16/2015 at 02:47 PM

Hello everyone! My name is Crashed and I'm an officer in [WISE]. Thank you for all of your replies. Already I feel much more at home on SoR than the other 4 servers I have been on. Pvx is great, and pve is my favorite. I am looking forward to chatting with all of you on TS3.

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