2015 SanctumofRall.com Community Update - New Features, Clear Plans, New Event
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2015 SanctumofRall.com Community Update - New Features, Clear Plans, New Event


Commander Foghladha.2506
   Site Admin of Gaiscioch na Rall

Posted On: 09/25/2015 at 10:39 AM


Forum Moderation:

Lately we've been getting a bit hot under the collar and getting way off topic. I have created a way that the system can hide posts that are flagged as being off topic in a way that they still can be seen but do not derail the overall conversation. This happens both automatically when a post is reported 3 times for being off topic or manually by one of the many moderators. The flag can also be cleared by one of the super-admins if it's used inappropriately. Additionally if posts are inflammatory or filled with hate speech or insults a mark will be placed on a persons record. If they acquire to many of these in a short period of time they will be locked out for 72 hours. If they receive too many of these over a large period of time they will be locked out permanently.

Every member can report a post. This will bring it to the moderators attention and they can address the issue as needed. In event the moderator is not around to get to it. The system will automatically take action if 3 or more reports come in until the moderator can review the report. Any missuse of the system will result in immediate removal from the SanctumofRall.com site.

Flagging Messages

You will see a new link on each post and reply to "Flag Post" this is where you can mark a post:

  • Sticky Please
  • Awesome Post
  • Informative
  • Off-Topic
  • Inappropriate
  • Spam
  • Against Community Guidelines


You'll notice this list is divided into 2 groups. 

Positive Flags:

  • Sticky Please
  • Awesome Post
  • Informative

Negative Flags:

  • Off-Topic
  • Inappropriate
  • Spam
  • Against Community Guidelines


Post that receive positive flags will get reviewed as necessary and possibly stickied. Additionally Informative posts will be reflected on player profiles later and if it receives multiple positive flags it will get an icon next to the post denoting it's importance.  There's a lot of ways I plan to tie these positive flags into our system in the future.

The Negative flags will automatically moderate as necessary and will notify the moderators of what has transpired. A moderator can reverse the flag and unhide a post as necessary and misuse will result in locking an account.


I created this site as a place where like minded individuals and guilds could collaborate and contribute to a better Sanctum of Rall experience. This site was not originally created as a "Server Site" It was created as a tribute and "Community Site". Read Community Site, as a group of people within the server who seek to better the experience for all. In the beginning there was a separate "Server Site". In fact over the course of Sanctum of Rall's life there has been 4 such "Server Sites". As such, this site and it's contents are designed for use by players and guilds who seek to better the quality of life on Sanctum of Rall and share in adventures together. 

As you agreed to when you registered this site, and also noted on the footer of this page, we will not tolerate infighting, insulting, trolling, or any other hate filled deed. If you want to swim in the cesspool of drama, you should be either creating your own site or consider going to the WvW Matchups forum. I will not allow this site to be used as a way to hurt or disrespect others. If your not ok with that I encourage you to leave.

This site is designed to build community, not tear it apart. You are welcome to make use of the tools and features and enjoy the occasional free loot, but I ask that all who participate in this site treat each other with respect, and refrain from causing unnecessary drama. This is about Building a better Sanctum of Rall. It's about acceptance of different people, playstyles, and personal preferences. 

This site is a living tribute to Roger "Oldroar" Rall, his life, and his legacy. We will not allow it to become a cesspool of drama. You will be mature, kind, and respectful or you will leave. We are here to create a fun and friendly experience for those who wish to contribute to the wellbeing of the Sanctum of Rall Community. This was our mission at the start of this site, and it continues to be our mission today. 

Division on Sanctum of Rall

There has been a lot of talk about the division of Sanctum of Rall over the years. The Serious WvW players and the Casual WvW players have never seen eye to eye. The fact of the matter is we have no chance of uniting these two playstlyes. It's like republicans and democrats. They will always have animosity towards one another. There are some who believe you should not be on the field if you are not serious about WvW, and there are others who just want to play and goof around. This division will not be resolved and will always exist. It's a difference in psychological profiles that make us human. There will always be disagreements with how we believe things should be done. 

AND THAT IS OK! This is what makes us human. A difference of opinion. This does not make it ok to treat others with disrespect. We can all put our best foot forward and try to build a better future understanding that Bill will not play the game the same way as Tom. We can coexist, we can both be productive in our own way. Our server has not had Queues in a long time. There is no reason to isolate and remove people from the WvW scene regardless of if they want to run around in a pink quaggan outfit or beet the bloody pulp out of our opponent. Those that want to get better, have the tools and contacts within our server to do so. Those that do not should not be forced to do so.

We must be accepting, we must be flexible, we must be civil if we have any hope of coexisting on this server.


Lastly, Yes I represent Gaiscioch, and yes this site, all of it's weekly prizes, and it's moderation is largely run by Gaiscioch. Even if the day comes that Sanctum of Rall is no more, we will continue to run this site to harbor those who still seek to work together in the future of the game. This is a crusade to us. A way for us to remember a friend and pay tribute to his memory. Gaiscioch will NOT be going anywhere. We are home on Sanctum of Rall permanently. Any act to force us off server will be met with equal resistance and more determination. Whether we are tier 1 or tier none Sanctum of Rall is our home. We will not leave. So if you've got a problem with that, then your going to have problems permanently. Because that isn't going to change. We can get along or we can ignore one another. I prefer that we work together and see a better future. But each entitled to our own opinion.

This site is for the Sanctum of Rall Community and will be run by Gaiscioch till the end of days. That wont change. If this is an issue, I encourage you to open an enjin account and build a new Sanctum of Rall site that you are comfortable with. I will not stand by and let people spit on Roger's legacy and treat others with disrespect. 

Now for the Fun Stuff!


Great Tyrian Adventure Season 4 Goes WvW!

You heard that right! We are going to be taking the Great Tyrian Adventure to WvW. Why? What better way to encourage transfers to our server than put half the prize pot in an area they can only get to by calling SOR home. We are currently in the early stages of planning and hope to kick this event off starting in November. We are also working on a new set of legendaries to award as prizes. In addition to the few legendaries we scrape together we will be adding a nice set of Ascended crafting mats to the pile to help people complete those ascended items.

For the PvE half we will be targeting the new Guild Missions system and also be exploring Heart of Thorns and taking on some of the larger bosses in the area. We will be alternating weeks between WvW and PvE. Only members on Sanctum of Rall will be able to earn full participation credit for both events giving them twice as many chances to walk away with a big prize.

Scouts Get Love

I am almost done with the new scouting recognition system. I started this system a while ago and the logistics of pulling it off have changed several times over the course of it's development. The final version I have settled with will work as so:

  1. Commander Prints normal Participate Code into Chat
  2. Scout Goes to SanctumofRall.com and Enters Code and checks the Scout flag
  3. A in site message is sent to the leader of the event to approve and comment on this scout. 
  4. When the scout is approved they are awarded scout points which will improve their overall scout rank. 

Scouts will have their own weekly and monthly raffle. Weekly raffles will include a silver prize while monthly raffles will award commander items such as siege weapons and bags. In addition they will earn badges on their profile showing their scouting record and displaying comments about their scouting ability from commanders.

As always i'm open to ideas on what we can do to help strengthen our scouting core. These guys forgo personal gain for the betterment of our server and it's very important that we make them feel part of the family. Kudos to GreyFeathers for coming up with the idea that finally made the path clear for me. :)

Player Comments

In the next month you'll see a revised player page that features multiple tabs including "Profile", "Leadership", "Participation", "Scouting", "Training", and "Crafting". Each one of these areas will have it's own set of achievements and have the ability for others to leave comments. All comments will be able to be approved or removed by the target player.

Training & Experts

I'm working on a fun section that will allow us to create a set of training events and guides to educate players about WvW, classes, and mechanics. I want to create a series of badges you can earn by completing these trainings. In addition I want to create a way that creative commanders and players can create new trainings on the fly so that players can complete them. Whether it's written or an event that they attend. The Training tab of a player profile will display not only the trainings a player has completed but also the trainings the player has held. I want to build a way that we can highlight our resident experts. In this area other players will also be able to +1 in each of the training areas denoting that they see you as an expert in that field. Once players clear the Expert level they will be listed in a new Advisors section where people can bounce questions off them easily.


I apologize if some of this comes across strong. It is meant to provide clear points about this site, it's contents, and it's direction. Personally I want all of you to enjoy your stay here, enjoy some free loot, some recognition, some healthy competition, and help shape the future of Sanctum of Rall. But I'm a realist and I know that there are some who seek to derail that plan. I wont stand by and let them wreak havoc on this community. I can't control a server, I can control this community. We welcome all with open arms and all we ask in return is that you treat others with kindness and respect. Thank you all for being here and I look forward to our coming adventures.

» Edited on: 2015-09-26 14:16:26

Benjamin Foghladha
Community Manager, SanctumofRall.com
Founder and Activities Director, The Gaiscioch Family [GSCH]


Member Response:


Commander Greyfeathers.8175
   Member of Perfectionists Cult

Replied On: 09/25/2015 at 08:33 PM

Looking forward to hearing more about the new events and the systems you're making for the site. I know GSCH takes most of the brunt for raffle items is there a way information could be added so guilds or players can also donate and help with those ? I know I usually send things straight to FOG but is there anyone else who might be helping that we don't know about * grin *


Commander Leslie of the Stars.1706
   Member of Gaiscioch na Rall

Replied On: 09/26/2015 at 01:57 PM

Thank you Fog for your constant effort and hard work! I am looking forward to the new Scout system and appreciate the flagging to name a few. 


Commander Jeff.5139

Replied On: 09/27/2015 at 03:37 PM

@ Greyfeathers How about a special "Player of the week award" to be selected by guild leaders who will also contribute towards a special prize? 


Commander Tiffany.6841
   Member of Gaiscioch na Rall

Replied On: 09/27/2015 at 03:47 PM

Very apt words regarding divisions on SoR.  SoR needs all the people and guilds it can get right now working together for the benefit of the server.  While each of the guilds here and their leadership have their own separate ideas and opinions on how to do things, and each guild often has its own approach and aspect that it enjoys focusing on more than others, this should not preclude them working with others on the server for the benefit of the community overall.  Even if you disagree with how a particular guild does things, this shouldn't prevent you from supporting each other on the battlefield where it makes sense to from a WvW perspective or sharing important information which could help them in their goals.

At the end of the day, when guilds run in WvW they are ultimately all fighting for the common good of Sanctum of Rall as a whole in some way.  It would be nice if we could collectively keep this in mind.  While the differences between us are important to acknowledge as they often make us suited to perform different roles, it is also important to keep in mind that ultimately our core goal of going out there and fighting for SoR in whatever way we can is the same and should unite us fundamentally as it is something which we all share if we put the differences to one side and examine, at the base level, what all of our motivations are for being here and playing the WvW game mode.

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