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Story/Roleplayer Introduction


George Welch.4019
   Member of Gaiscioch na Rall

Posted On: 10/20/2012 at 10:30 PM

Introduction Thread

Hello to one and all.

This thread was made for those who love to Roleplay with the intention of introducing yourself to all of Sanctum of Rall.


Member Response:


   Member of Gaiscioch na Rall

Replied On: 11/01/2012 at 02:02 PM

Twilah Sylver

The basics first – she’s female, Norn and a ranger. She’s in her late 30’s and her only surviving family is a brother, but he has been corrupted and become a son of Svanir. The rest of the family (parents and an older sister) were killed during a raid on their village when Twilah was in her late teens. It was at that time her brother was corrupted.

After losing her home Twilah sought refuge in the Wolf Lodge of Hoelbrak and developed her hunting skills. Though very much an individual, as most Norns are, she does seek the comfort and strength of the pack. She usually hunts with her wolf, Ezra.

As a trade she is quite skilled at jewel crafting. The techniques she uses has been passed down through the Sylver family for generations and is their namesake. Unfortunately she has no children to pass her skills on to, partially due to the fact she prefers the companionship of woman. Her hope is to "rescue" her brother from his corruption.


   Member of Gaiscioch na Rall

Replied On: 12/15/2012 at 09:49 AM

Character Name: Elyosune Runedancer
Aliases: Ely
Race: Norn
Gender: Female
Profession: Guardian

Apparent age: Early Thirties
Hair/mane/leaves: Fiery red hair with bangs pulled back in an intricate weave that falls down the back
Skin/fur/bark: Creamy white skin; slightly freckled
Appearance details: A swirl pattern tattoo, the same bold green color of her eyes, made up of intricate runes, start at her neck, cross her back and down her voluptuous limbs to hidden places only those who can best her in combat will ever see and live, display her family credo:

We seek honor with passion.

Through honor, we gain respect.

Through respect, we gain integrity.

Through integrity, our fellowship is created.

Ni neart go cur le cheile. There is no strength without unity.

Personality: Unusually quiet and serious for a Norn. If you ever ask though, she would tell you it is so she can listen. The Spirits are all around us, helping us, if you just take the time to hear them. Being so different has set her apart from her peers but has in no way dampened her spirit, a fire that smolders behind her soft half smile. She is still Norn, and lives her life to its fullest, seeking opportunity each day, it is just her definition of full and opportunity are different and almost unique to her race.

Religious beliefs/philosophy: The Norn have a shamanistic religion where they revere totem animals of the Spirits of the Wild, the spirits of the strongest, bravest, wisest, or most cunning animals of the Shiverpeaks. Ely was "Blessed by the Wolf", but communes with all of the Spirits. They have shaped and molded her life from its beginnings, always there with a new challenge be it physical, mental or spiritual.

Childhood: After witnessing her parents demise in a glorious battle against a giant wurm to protect the homestead they lived in, Ely was taken in by their stead's Shaman Isylda. Most of her childhood was spent honing her link with the Spirits, training and tracking prey alone and learning to recognize symbols or runes granted by the spirits through ones deeds and actions with the hope that one day she would feel the call and begin her own Sojourn, her own story.

Recent history: Finally she felt the call and with one last hug to Isylda, started her Sojourn. Seeking new challenges and opportunities for greatness and the chance for a deeper communion with the Spirits she so loved. The local Mead-Hall chatter spoke of a Great Hunt starting in the next stead over. A chance to fight beside the famous Eir Stegalkin and an epic start to her own grand adventure...

Notable relationships: Isylda her homesteads shaman and Gaiscioch, a community that she runs beside when they have need of her expertise and prowess.

Strengths, talents, and points of pride: Compassion and protection. No matter who you are or where you come from, she will protect and provide for you. It is her belief that this soul saved is one more soul against their common foe, the Dragons. Her graceful dancing/fighting.

Weaknesses, detriments, and points of improvement: Ely does not understand humor very well, if at all, and sometimes finds it hard to bounce back from a personal failure even with her understanding the Spirits were just helping her to learn a lesson in self-reliance.


Favored alcoholic beverage: Warm spiced mead
Favored food: Stew, any meat will do
Favored weather or season: Soft Spring Rains and Thunderstorms
Favored color: Dark Green

*thump* the sound of the staff butt was all but muffled by the gentle jingles of silver jewelry and weapon adornments. *thump* the strangers natural curiosity pulls her head to the right where warm light floods out of a great Mead-Hall at the top of the hill, the sounds of boisterous laughter and rowdy song danced on the air towards her from within stirring a desire deep in her chest to join in. *thump* the stranger snorts at her foolishness and starts to turn away when a great silver wolf alights on the path between her and the great Mead-Hall, silently peering, seemingly straight into her soul.

The stranger closes her eyes in a silent prayer of thanks to the Spirits and when she opens them, the great silver wolf is gone, paw prints clearly leading up to the Hall. *thump* Well now, things are about to get interesting, she thinks to herself and proceeds to the Hall with a small half smile on her face.

Years of reading signs, a great empathy for the wounded and a compassion for souls in need, has led her down this road. She seeks to create her own story and to find a homestead, a community, led by a great and powerful warrior, who could use her expertise along the way. *thump* the stranger slowly makes her way up the hill to what she can only believe is her destiny. The beginning to a grand adventure, the beginning of the story of Elyosune.


   Member of For The Earth Mother

Replied On: 12/30/2012 at 08:13 PM

Name: Yoru Yongbpei
Race: Asura
Profession: Guardian
Education: College of Synergetics

Physical Appearance:
Long back hair tied back into a bun with a silver Ornamental Hair piece given to him by his father, grey blue eyes,light grey skin,tattooed on his forehead and top of his hands as a symbol of his dedication to his training hand done by his Teacher.

Loud mouthed and Brutish with a short temper, but underneath his uncouth exterior he is a kindhearted Asura. He has a weakness for the smoke, always seen with a rolled one up in smoke in his mouth. Not one to speak of his own deeds he as he puts it, "Just doing mah job"

Weapon of Choice:
Great Sword, Mace and Shield

His Father was a contract blacksmith, his mother was a Krewe leader creating new and improved battle golems for the defense of Rata Sum and all of Tyria. When he was young His father told him the horrors of Primordus and the Destroyer of Life. With his Father's help Yoru began training with a great sword,Practicing against his Golem he honed his skills daily. His mother taught him the way of Golemancy and the intricate knowledge need to tune, repair, and assemble Golems. As he came of age Yoru left his parents to Train under an unnamed Guardian, to learn the ways of Zeal, Radiance, Valor, Honor, Virtue. It was with his master that he mastered the Mace and Shield, along with gaining a love for the smoke.

Current Dossier:
Guild Founder and Master of For the Earth Mother[FTEM] guild, his achievements earned him a place among the Vigil as a Warmaster.


Commander Artrath.4698
   Member of Gaiscioch na Rall

Replied On: 05/07/2013 at 02:42 PM

Character Name: Ragmar Drirken
Aliases: Rag, Deadshot
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Profession: Thief

Apparent age: Young adult
Hair/mane/leaves: Long, flowing brown hair with a light beard and 'stache
Skin/fur/bark: Lighter, but not pale
Appearance details: Wears medium armor, generally a long leather duster, and carries a pistol and a dagger

Personality: Kind, but kitteny
Religious beliefs/philosophy: Worships Balthazar

Childhood: What they were like as a child, or after recently awakening, in the case of sylvari. (Left the italics on purpose. Sylvari don't start out as children, persay)

Ragmar grew up on the streets of Divinity's Reach, with a gang of other young orphans. Together, they formed their family, and protected one another. Ragmar learned his trade as a thief, stealing to survive. He became the leader of this young group when he was about 16. after an opposing gang killed the oldest, Ragmar's best friend Grelk. However, after months of refusing to retaliate, and fighting only when necessary, Ragmar's family fell apart, and Ragmar left Divinity's Reach and went to explore Kryta.

Recent history: Out and about in Kryta, and the rest of Tyria, exploring, thieving as well as lending a hand. Along the lines of a "Robin Hood"
Notable relationships: A

Strengths, talents, and points of pride: He's a very good shot with his pistol, and he has quite nimble fingers. Other people's purses somehow manage to end up mixed with his own.
Weaknesses, detriments, and points of improvement: He's very kitteny and likes to show off. This has made him a few enemies. He is also not a good liar, so he relies mostly on not getting caught to stay out of trouble.


Favored alcoholic beverage: Ragmar doesn't drink
Favored food: Bread. It's hard to give up what sustained you for so many years
Favored weather or season: Winter

Favored color: Blue

How does your character react when... Describe how your character reacts, either in actions or what they would say out loud.
You find a powerful weapon: Ragmar would whistle and put it in his pack, wondering how much it was worth. He would also go off in search of someone to brag to.
You find a coin purse: "What a shame. Someone left their coin purse on the ground." He would then examine his own purse and find it a bit light. "Maybe they left it for me."
You find food: He would eat it if he was hungry. Otherwise, he would save it until he found someone who needed it more than he did.
You find a trap: "Disarm it, of course. Any good thief worth his salt would be able to disarm most of the simple traps found in the homes of lesser nobles. It's the truly wealthy and powerful ones that you need to watch out for."
You find a corpse: "There was a corpse? Where? Unless of course that's someone I know... Then I might want to tell the Seraph"
You find a suspicious scroll: Leave it there. He'd have to explain how he found it, and that might get him in trouble. Sometimes he is where he shouldn't be.

Any roleplay preferences or limitations for this character? Not particularly


Commander Greyalis.2309
   Member of The Praetorians

Replied On: 10/31/2013 at 11:46 AM

Character Name: Greayalise
Aliases: Grey
Race: Sylvari
Gender: "male"
Profession: mesmer

Apparent age: unknown
Hair/mane/leaves: Silvery purpely glowing plant matter
Skin/fur/bark: Grey Bark attributed to the Oaks
Appearance details: Dark lavender glows.

Personality: Inquisitive and thoughtful. Private in many matters and refrains from small talk generally although on a topic of his interest will go on at length.
Religious beliefs/philosophy: Has memories of being born of an unknown tree with silver leaves that held a sword engulfed in it's trunk. The pale tree advises him the memories are of a strange false corruption, although Greaylise searches the lands and libraries of the durmond priory for any clues. He believes the Pale Tree is hiding something from him. Other than this mystery, Graeyalise believes the whole of Tyrian existence to come from one substance of which common Tyrian's would call "Light." Whether this light was created by an intelligent being or not is yet to be discovered.

Childhood: Much like many young Sylvari, Greayalise left the shade of the grove soon and ventured to the Durmond Priory. He took up residence there and often spends time studying the dragon corruptions. He also searches the extensive libraries for record of a strange silver leafed oak that he proclaims to have memories of--either false or real.

Recent history: Greayalise now roams the mists, honing his skills and searching out new challenges. In the priory he studies war maps and strategies, and recently received the kittenle Commander Greaylise although rarely flaunts this kittenle.

Notable relationships: His wife Gurlzilla, a norn hunter, helps him venture into the wilds. Her overly extroverted and sometimes blunt Norn diplomatic personality he was attracted to, while he provide Gurlzilla with much Sylvaran insight into herself.

Strengths, talents, and points of pride: Intelligence and Creativity. Greayalise is noted for his talent in creative thought, and understanding elegant solutions to dynamic problems. This has given him notable strenghths as a powerful mesmer, not only creating powerful phantasms, but genius mental magic that can Chill opponents rendering them vulnerable.

Weaknesses, detriments, and points of improvement: Sometimes too creative, causing him to be misunderstood by more practical studies. He often is unable to follow strict practices or cannon understandings by others as his intuition is greatly above his theoretical understandings.

Favored alcoholic beverage: Warm spiced mead
Favored food: kittenernut Squash Soup
Favored weather or season: Wintery cold weather that tightens his bark and his mind.
Favored color: Autumn Sky

Graeyalise when asked his build hands over a card "Self is the Emblem All"
You find a powerful weapon: Shares with his trusted allies.
You find a coin purse: "an illusion of scarcity these small metal pieces, an illusion I am not altogether immune to"
You find food: samples it, or collects vital fluids from it.
You find a trap: Studies it, then destroys it.
You find a corpse: Ignore it, it is a bad omen and collects corrupted energy.
You find a suspicious scroll: Takes it back to Durmond Priory for study and cataloging.

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Commander takatsu.9416

Replied On: 11/02/2013 at 05:55 PM

Excuse the sci-fi spin :P I like fusion of genres, while I also love and respect the original Guild Wars/Guild Wars 2 lore. The timeline presumably takes place slightly in the future.

I write fiction/fanfic and would be up for RP as well! :)


[Classified GX-214-3RTAA-EVO]

The content herewithin contains highly classified information covered under the military policies of the PACT and the United Anti-Draconic Confederation (UADC) Legislative Treaty of Tyria. Unauthorized personnel accessing the file without appropriate privileges will penalized with severe consequences.



ID: 7268C
RANK: Vanguard Lieutenant (Vigil Warmaster, Order of Whispers Lightbringer, Durmand Priory Magister, PACT Officer First Class Equivalent)
CLASSIFICATION TYPE: IV Mesmer - Class A Prismatic Mageknight

BIRTH NAME: Tsuruya, Reii-Ahn
CURRENT NAME: Reina Takayama (Registered 1328 AE)
RACE: Human
GENDER: Female
DATE OF BIRTH: April 12th, 1311 AE
AGE: 21
HEIGHT: 5'3"


Second-in-command of Ebon Vanguard Spec Ops (EVO) mercenary group operating under Captain Garald Heiss. EVO was hired and deployed in various Grade III - V and Code Crimson situations, working in conjunction with aerial and terrestial divions as of June 22, 1332 AE. Contract is renewed every 3 years.


Close Quarters Combat, Stealth & Invisibility, Armor-piercing, Speed, Precision, Recon

Swordmanship & Mystic Bladearts - One-handed Deldrimor Darksteel Alloy Swords, Elemental Core Psionic Greatblade ("The Sunrise" Prototype II)


Cold, disciplined, distant, calculating, strong-willed with strong leadership skills and tactical wisdom. Appears to hold no real emotion and carries a nonchalant attitude which is believed to be a defensive facade. Humor very rarely occurs in quiet, subdued sarcasm or childish banter.


Born and raised in Ebonhawke, frequenting Divinity's Reach during her father's work as a high commissioned officer in the Ebon Vanguard. Despite her Ebonhawke residence, much of her early years was spent in Divinity's Reach under the tutorship of the Mesmeric Instructors of the royal courtyards, on occasions under Countess Anise of the Shining Blade herself. The young girl proved to be a quiet and devout student, preferring to reside in her books.

However, on Tsuyura's twelfth birthday, her father was assassinated in their sleep, leaving her ill mother in her care. Both Vanguard and Seraph officers were unable to determine the killer or motives. Soon after, before her thirteenth birthday, her mother passed on as well, leaving Reii-Ahn without much but a family keepsake, the only hint as to her royal Canthan heritage unbeknownst at the time to her.

Tsuyura is recalled to have actively sought vengeance and together with several possibly similarly ill-fated childhood friends, joined the Ebon Vanguard for a short few years to hone her skills and turn to her hatred against the Charr as an escape. Instead of continuing her studies in the Mesmeric Arts, she wielded swords with remarkable talent and did not hesitate to hold her own or engage in close quarters combat and tests of strength.

Her military success is well known in the Vanguard and Tsuyura participated in one of the largest military campaigns in the Fields of Ruin. In 1326 AE, Tsuyura served in a squad during the retaking of Ascalon, and established several of the most forward camps and captured many high ranking Charr, though the operation finally ended in failure. Tsuyura managed to single-handedly viciously defeat Blood Legionnaire Skarr Grimfire with most of her squad injured and led their survival for two weeks before the Vanguard's retreat. In Ebonhawke, at her young age, she was then rewarded with the rank of Sergeant.

Upon the establishment of the human and charr treaty, Tsuyura continued working with the Separatists in several brutal operations that ended in the death of an ambassador official from Divinity's Reach. She was captured and jailed by the Seraph in Divinity's Reach for four months until summoned before the Queen.

Upon a long interrogation as audience with Her Majesty the Queen personally, Her Majesty Queen Jennah and Countess Anise shifted Tsuruya's focus to the larger threat of the Elder Dragons and recruited her talent. Upon furthering her skills in the Mesmer Arts and deciding upon a new focus, she changed her name to Reina Takayama, surname retrieved from the Canthan character engravings on her family keepsake.

The Ebon Vanguard was decommissioned in 1329 AE and Takayama took on the officer rank of Lieutenant forming the Ebon Vanguard Special Operations Unit with her former remaining squad members to preserve their name and history. They are promptly hired as mercenaries under the command of Marshal Trahearne of the PACT. In 1330 AE, Takayama came in contact with an Asuran PACT Priory scientist and engineer, whereupon with nothing to lose, initiating a collaborative project in creating heavy armored battle suits for members of the squad and the augmentation of human performance.

As a result of a secretive, experimental and highly disapproved painful engineering process, the elite members of the EVO became more dangerous. Wary of their conditions, the PACT placed them under severe scrutiny and guarded watch and deployed them in field tests until proven success and stability. Two squad members are deceased from health instability, while a third is disabled for life. The scientist was evicted and exiled.

But EVO continued collaborating with the brutally experimental Asura scientist and weapons were produced for the unit, one of which becoming Lt. Takayama's signature piece, a massive greatsword ("Elemental Core Psionic Greatblade", "the Sunrise" Prototype II). The scientist's continued projects occur in an unknown location in the Maguuma Wastes.

Takayama is known to still harbor strong hatred towards the Charr, hold hidden motives of discovering her ancestry and seeks vengeance for her father's assassination.


No birth defects or current health issues. Wounded left arm and shoulder in campaign VII, Silent Storm 1334 AE. Bio-chemical augmentation and mystic engineering of Durmand Priory Project Osiris only reached Phase 1 on subjects. 7268C demonstrated significant results that surpassed expectations, but maintained mental stability. Phase 2 was aborted and project head was dismissed from the PACT. Augmentation includes increased reflex time, superior strength and endurance. See Project Osiris File T41 for more information.

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