FinalFAB's WvW Warrior Build
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FinalFAB's WvW Warrior Build


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Posted On: 05/15/2015 at 08:42 PM

 This is the Build I have been using for about a month maybe a bit longer. it is a very Tough (CC) Crowd Control Warrior. This build is very good when running with the Zerg or with small groups. You will be full melee but you have many immobilizes to hold everyone you fight in place. This build hits very hard and have a number of utilities to keep you up and fighting. there is some support with your blasts and the shout "For Great Justice". 

 This is my first build video and I will be making more for other classes. I will try to improve each video as I go. if youhave any Classes you wish to see please let me know. Or if I should add anything to future videos do not hesitate to post it. 

Video Link:

FinalFAB's WvW Warrior Build Video


GW2 Skills Link:

FinalFAB's WvW Warrior Build

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