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Fellowship of Wizards [FoW]

Guild Details:

Founded: 2012 Guild Size: 50 (15 Registered)
Leadership Representative: Whats up Chuukk.1962 Voice Communication: Ventrilo
Active Hours: 3-6PM, 6-9PM, 9-12AM Server (PST) Homepage:
Playstyles:  WvW    PvE  
 Casual    Crafting    Roleplay  
Social Media:
About   Roster   Recruitment   WvW    

We have a great group of helpful and skilled players who are more than happy to lend a hand to anyone needing assistance who are at all stages of the game.  Although our core focus is PvE (both the original zones and HoT), we also do WvW (with multiple members looking to do more WvW), as well as casual PvP. Our guild is set up to provide a kind, supportive and family friendly atmosphere for persons of all ages, regardless of your skill level or character progression.

In addition to our in-game presence, we have an extensive ad-free guild forum for people to interact, coordinate activities, and share stories and images.  We also have a Ventrilo server for VoIP communications. We also have a Guild Hall which already has multiple upgrades, and is in the process of being upgraded further.

So, if you are looking for a PvE oriented guild to call home and want to game without the drama or play time requirements of some more hard core guilds, head over to our forum, sign up for an account and request an invite. 

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